Solutions are about getting results...
whatever your age or skin type, Ella Baché can offer you a Solution regime that will target your specific skin concerns.

  • Pink+Lotus+Flower

    Age Defence Skin Solution

    Age Defense Skin Solution aims to fight premature ageing by using a combination of active ingredients to specifically target cell turnover, hydration and collagen production.
  • Papaya

    Detoxifying Skin Solution

    Detoxifying Skin Solution addresses any skin condition adversely affected by exposure to toxins and environmental factors.
  • Splash+of+Water

    Hydrating Skin Solution

    Hydrating Skin Solution aims to address the most common skin condition among all skin types, dehydration.
  • energising solution

    Mens Energising Skin Solution

    This treatment is specifically designed for tired, lack-lustre male skins showing signs of fatigue. It is designed to release tension and deeply relax the body and mind.
  • Nuts

    Nourishing Skin Solution

    Nourishing Skin Solution aims to hydrate, nourish and smooth a dry skin.
  • Oranges

    pH Balancing Skin Solution

    pH Balancing Skin Solution aims to regulate the pH levels of the skin, which improves moisture retention, calms, soothes and reduces heat along with redness within the skin.
  • Tomatoes

    Radiance Skin Solution

    Radiance Skin Solution aims to brighten, hydrate and give a radiant glow to dull, lackluster, sun damage, hyperpigmented and environmentally stressed skin.
  • Wheat

    Repairing Skin Solution

    Repairing Skin Solution aims to restore the surface layer of the skin, which acts as a protective barrier, as well as hydrating and improving the overall health of the skin.
  • Green+Olives

    Restructuring Skin Solution

    Restructuring Skin Solution aims to tackle skin conditions associated with a mature, aged skin.
  • Seensibeautics solution

    Strengthening Skin Solution

    Strengthening Skin Solution aims to calm a sensitive irritated skin, as well as repair and strengthen the skin to avoid further irritation.