5 Minutes with Emma Pucci, Ella Baché College Graduate

5 Minutes with Emma Pucci, Ella Baché College Graduate

Are you thinking about changing your career? Hear from Emma who made her career change, from working in banking and raising a young family, to being employed in an Ella Baché salon at graduation, in just two short years!

Why did you choose Ella Baché college?

I chose Ella Baché as I was after a change in my career. I was living one hour outside Melbourne, was working full-time in banking and I had a young family. To start my change, I chose to study online because of the flexibility of the EdFlex program. Throughout my studies, I ended up moving closer to Melbourne and because of the flexibility, I chose to complete the course online over a 2 year period.

What area were you working in prior to starting your course?

Prior to enrolling with Ella Baché I was employed full-time with the Commonwealth Bank. I had worked there for four years as a Customer Service Specialist and decided it was time to make a change to a career in beauty which I have always been interested in.

What in your previous career experience has prepared you for this course?

They key thing that being a mum and working in banking taught me was the importance of being organised. I made sure I had one full day each week to dedicate to my studies. This was time that was free from work or family distractions. Depending on what subject I was studying, I would spend other periods of one to two hours during the rest of the week to stay on top of my assessments. I would also go to the college for regular blocks of practical training and I would organise a friend or family member to look after the kids when I did this.

The other key experience that helped me was the importance of customer service skills. Working in a salon you need to build strong relationships with clients and get to know their lifestyles and skin conditions.

What has been one of your best experiences throughout the course?

I loved the practical training and hands on experience. During the course I completed my 160 hours of practical training at an Ella Baché salon and this helped me to understand what it was like to be a therapist. Before graduation, the salon employed me as a Beauty Therapist and I have been working there ever since.

What do you most enjoy now you are a qualified beauty therapist?

My favourite procedure is performing Facial Treatments. I get such satisfaction from helping someone and seeing the results by the end of each Facial Treatment. It is great to work with regular customers and see them leave the salon happy each time.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to make a career change to the beauty industry?

Changing careers can be a scary thought sometimes. Life gets busy, we have commitments such as balancing work, family life and friends, so we tend to put our dreams on the back-burner. But if your passion is beauty and you enjoy helping people, my advice is go for it! The Ella Baché College allowed me to fulfil my dream of working in the beauty industry as the flexible study options meant that I could continue looking after my family and working while completing my diploma. Now working as a beauty therapist in an Ella Baché salon, I am happy to say it is the best career decision I ever made.

Our Diploma of Beauty Therapy is delivered across both flexible online (EdFlex™) and on-campus programs. No matter which program you choose you'll have access to our team of highly qualified and experienced trainers, dedicated to sharing their passion for skincare, and be required to take part in practical classes to develop your skills. We'll also help you connect with our 150 Ella Baché Salons nationally for on-the-job placements and employment opportunities upon graduation.

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October 2019 online intake closing soon.
February 2020 Sydney on-campus intake now open for applications.

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