Beauty Therapist Must Haves

Beauty Therapist Must Haves

As an Ella Baché beauty therapist you are an expert of skin knowledge with a duty to share knowledge through the process of achieving that perfect complexion. Ella Baché HQ talks all things beauty with three of our trained therapists, whether they’re working in salon, training tomorrow’s beauty gurus or have turned their passions into business on the head office team - they know a thing or two about glowing skin and cult trends to look out for in 2016!


  1. There is no secret beauty therapists have the ability to make the most lacklustre of skin glow, what’s one product you can’t live without?


    Leanna Windsor, Salon Owner: I am so in love with the Ella Baché Illuminating Radiance Elixir D’Eclat moisturiser/primer, it gives my skin that instant glow!

    Hayley Fahd, NSW Field Trainer: Ella Baché’s Radiance Elixir D’Eclat, not only does it make for the best primer under makeup it is also amazing without, pat it in to the skin after you moisturise and it will leave your skin with a dewy, illuminated glow.

    Sarah Nathan, Ella Baché Marketing Coordinator:  Exfoliate twice a week...Religiously!

    Instantly revives a dull complexion; stimulates micro-circulation and polishes away dead cells improving the performance of my skincare.  Can’t live without Ella Baché Revealing Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant with papaya fruit enzymes to refine and smooth.


  2. For the beauty amateurs what’s one beauty tip that you swear by?


    Leanna Windsor, Salon Owner: The golden rule, always remove your make-up and cleanse your skin at the end of the day. Try using your eye cream as a lip balm, the Ella Baché Special Eye Cream beats any lip balm I’ve ever used!

    Hayley Fahd, NSW Field Trainer: Moisturise your face and body morning and night, this will ensure your skin maintains its moisture levels and keeps you looking youthful!

    Sarah Nathan, Ella Bache Marketing Coordinator: Tools. Really, they’ve been designed to make life easier. I love applying my Ella Baché Suncover Foundation with a HD brush for a flexible wear and ultimate radiance. Laced with reflective mineral pigment, the more you buff and polish this product, the increasingly luminous your skin becomes.


  3. Cult trends, what products do we need to look out for in 2016?


    Leanna Windsor, Salon Owner: This year is all about hydration and radiance, keep an eye out for products that contain Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen, it’s all about optimising the skins hydration levels to repair and refresh the appearance of skin. You will find Hyaluronic Acid in rich masques, serums and moisturisers!

    Hayley Fahd, NSW Field Trainer: The major focus for 2016 is serums and boosters, these additions to your beauty kit will ensure you get the best results from your skincare regime as they are made up of powerhouse ingredients specifically for enhancing moisture and collagen! 

    Sarah Nathan, Ella Bache Marketing Coordinator: “Smart” tanning products. Keep a keen eye on sophisticated tan enhancers with contemporary formulas that promise to adjust to your unique skin-tone whilst caring for your skin.


  4. A beauty kit is where the magic happens, what do you keep in yours?


    Leanna Windsor, Salon Owner: Absolutely everything! If I had to choose 5 things to take away with me it would be my Radiance Moisturiser, Eye Cream, Mascara, a tinted moisturiser with SPF and perfume! 

    Hayley Fahd, NSW Field Trainer: Ella Baché Antioxidant Mist – to maintain my make up during the day keeping my skin hydrated and glowing, A moisture rich make-up remover is staple and a few secret goodies which I keep secret!

    Sarah Nathan, Ella Bache Marketing Coordinator: Shape shifters! Following my skin solution, I like to focus on products that allow to fine-tune and enhance my features. A bronzing powder to define and restructure with extended eyeliner to add a little drama to an otherwise natural look.


  5. What’s the one common thing people don’t know about their skin?

Leanna Windsor, Salon Owner: Your skin is your body’s largest organ, which is why it’s so important to protect and nourish your skin.

Hayley Fahd, NSW Field Trainer: You skin is constantly changing it can shift in as little as 4 weeks, it is so important to always check your skin condition before re-purchasing any products and making sure your current regime is still suited.

Sarah Nathan, Ella Bache Marketing Coordinator: Oil is a good thing! Laced with  natural antiseptic properties, this protective film keeps your skin lubricated and free from infection. Stripping skin of natural oils can cause an array of issues, so book in for your for your complimentary skin diagnosis at Ella Baché and find the perfect cleanser to suit your skins needs

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