College Student Profile - Cassidy Lemon

College Student Profile - Cassidy Lemon

Are you thinking about starting your career in Beauty Therapy? At Ella Baché College, our students work alongside industry leaders to learn what different skins love and how to apply this to their clients to come. This hands-on approach is just one of the many things our students love about their course and we’ve caught up with Cassidy for more on her experience.

1. Where was I working prior to starting the course?

I grew up dancing so I went into full time dance for 2 years after high school and that lead me to some pretty amazing things, and I'm still dancing to this day, unfortunately there's not an awful lot of work and I needed something a bit more stable to fill my day

2. How have you managed to overcome this year in lockdown studying?

While I wasn't very motivated during the first couple lockdowns, I found my stamina by writing lists and ticking everything off felt satisfying. So when I wrote those lists, I wrote down everything for the day, wake up, get dressed, skincare, make bed, breakfast, go for a walk, 1hr study modules 1 + 2 for example and then scheduled time for the rest of the day to catch up of TV shows and do fun stuff!

3. Why did I choose Ella Baché College?

I chose Ella Baché college for studying because I liked the idea of still working while still studying and it worked out really well. Plus, Ella Baché has been around for a while which means they have a good method of training in my books.

4.Whats the most interesting fact you've learnt about skin?

Our skin cannot absorb active ingredients from skincare if our cells aren't healthy and functioning efficiently. Each cell has little organelles that are responsible for a different job including the transfer of nutrients to our cells. Foods high in Omegas will support in the healthy function of skincells.

​5. What is the Ella Baché Product you cant live without?

​Hydra Extreme Plumping Mask. It's extremely hydrating but feels good on the skin and sits well under makeup!

6. What in your previous career has prepared you for this course?

​Wearing stage makeup on the regular allowed me to gain skills and knowledge on applying makeup which made it easy to do that portion of the course. In a general sense overall, putting in the work to get the most out of dancing is something that i've naturally applied in studying Beauty. If i want to get better at something, its practicing and putting in effort to allow myself to improve.

7. How am i completing the course?

Online Studying. However, put 1 day aside a week to study on campus for our practicals.

8. What has been the best experiences throughout the course?

Meeting new people, my trainer Dee for example, she was awesome through the whole process. She had so much knowledge and trust, plus the right amount of push to get me to complete the course. Some of the other students that i connected with were also amazing, I do love learning about new people and what their back story was and how they got to where they were today.

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