How 3 Graduates Found Their Dream Career In Beauty Therapy

How 3 Graduates Found Their Dream Career In Beauty Therapy


How 3 graduates found their dream career in beauty therapy

At Ella Baché College we train therapists to become experts in their field. Whether you’re entering the workforce for the first time or considering a career change, there’s no better environment for holistic hands-on training. If you can’t attend the course on campus, you can still gain hands-on training and practical experience through our Stellar Online Program.

The Stellar Online Learning Program provides students with self-directed access to theory components and learning materials online. The College also offers five practical workshops, where you can hone your skills in a salon environment under the guidance of beauty experts.

But don’t take our word for it – meet the women who made their dreams a reality...

 “I rejoined the workplace”

Amanda Keldie, Graduate of Ella Baché College with a Diploma of Beauty Therapy

“I am a prime example that age is not a barrier when re-entering the workforce. I really should have pursued my passion for beauty at 18, but I became a stay at home mum for 19 years. I’ve always been interested in the science behind the skin treatment, and at my age, the calming work environment of a beauty salon was an enticing idea.

As a mature student, I found it difficult in the beginning to learn how to use the simplest programs such as Word and Power-Point but the trainers were very understanding. After guidance and continued support from them, I was able to learn and develop my skills. If I can do it, anyone can.

Living on the Northern Beaches, Ella Baché College is not the closest college to my home, but I knew that I would be receiving the best training I could get in Australia. The trainers at Ella Baché College are highly qualified and educate off the principle that ‘no two skins are alike’. We are taught to give expert skin tips, and understand which of the Ella Baché products and treatments are right for the individual.

Being a Beauty Therapist for me is not just a career, it’s now a way of life. It opens up doors that I have never considered and offers flexible hours so I can still be involved in my children’s lives.”

“I completed my diploma online”

Kate Bateup, Graduate at Ella Baché College

“I wasn’t happy with the career path I was heading down and I needed a change. I couldn’t afford to stop working and study full-time so the Stellar Learning Program that Ella Baché College offers to students was the perfect fit.

Learning online at Ella Baché College is not like traditional ‘long-distance education’, it is hands-on, interactive program that was tailored to my individual learning. I had fantastic support and 24-hour access to the portal which allowed me to comfortably balance work and study. Studying at Ella Baché College and doing the diploma online allowed me to follow my dreams.”


‘I opened up my own Ella Baché salon”

Leanna Windsor, Ella Baché Chatswood Salon owner and Winner of Ella Baché’s Business Development Award, 2014

“Within two years of graduating from Ella Baché College I became the owner of an Ella Baché Salon in Chatswood, NSW. The passion from the Trainers at Ella Baché College was inspiring. They provided us with extensive hands-on experience whilst studying. I had real client experience through on-campus salon including client bookings, salon teamwork and salon management skills.

Being in my early twenties, the idea of owning my own salon was daunting. However, the Ella Baché College equipped me with the knowledge and tools to become a professional Beauty Therapist and a competent business woman, plus, I have a talented team and an amazing business manager that continues to support me and my salon daily.

Ella Baché has an extremely nurturing culture and a very strong support group. By studying at the college, I was given the best training in skincare diagnostics and beauty therapy. Along with support, I had an amazing team of people around me that encouraged me to work hard and dedicate myself leading me to reach my goals of owning my own salon.


If you’re ready to pursue you passion and venture down a new career path Ella Baché College has opened March intake due to popular demand, don’t wait to start your dream careen in Beauty Therapy, enrol now!

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