How to Turn Your Passion Into a Career

How to Turn Your Passion Into a Career

Are you the person that your friends turn to for advice in the latest in beauty and skincare trends?

Scrolling through beauty blogs late into the night in the name of a little further knowledge on the skincare saviour ingredient of the month?

If the answer is yes to those two questions, then let us ask you… have you thought about starting a career in Beauty Therapy?

Escape the 9-5 grind and instead use your skills to share in healthy, radiant skin. Discover insider tips and learn cutting edge techniques from the best in the business with our industry acclaimed educators to guide you through. From the basics of our biology to the complexities of cosmetic chemistry - every subject is bound to fascinate and elevate your potential, as you find out how to reverse the ageing process and banish imperfections, all through the use of results driven products, and education.

We get it, for some turning a passion into a career seems farfetched – but, turning your love for beauty and skincare into your new hustle, certainly is not. Picture a life full of creativity and culture, a career that open doors into many industries, even see you establishing your very own beauty business. It means taking control of your future, whilst using your passion to fuel the fire in your belly.

And you know what they say… “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Well, that quote couldn’t ring truer and here at Ella Baché we are here to help you achieve your dreams, by turning your passion into a reality.

Welcoming you, to our Ella Baché College of Beauty Therapy; with flexible study options and blended learning opportunities we have designed a harmonious study-system, so you can comfortably reach your Diploma in as little as 12 months, including electives in spa management and business planning.

At the Ella Baché College, we are committed to producing highly qualified Beauty Therapists. Our ethos and focus on the individual’s learning experience, ensuring that all students have a thorough understanding of the theory and practice behind the skin diagnostics and treatment.

We are here to set you up with the skills, experience and qualifications that are needed for a successful and abundant career. Renowned across the country for our results-driven skincare ranges, Ella Baché College is the only beauty college which is integrated with a skincare range – and, with over 50 years’ experience in skincare diagnostics, students are learning from the very best in the industry.

But, don’t just take our word for it – contact us now to find out more.

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