Laura Adamson: From passion to career

Laura Adamson: From passion to career

After attending Ella Baché Beauty College in 2015, Laura Adamson step foot into Ella Baché, Wollongong Salon with a Diploma in Beauty and a passion for skin. Eight years on she is still there as a highly skilled therapist with the same passion.

I have been at Ella Baché Wollongong for eight years. I wanted to get straight into working, so I started in Salon immediately after college where I was thrown straight into treatments.”

Laura has always had a strong passion for all things beauty, and from a young age she knew that she would find herself in the field of beauty.

Apparently ever since I could talk, I was going to be a lipstick and nail lady.”

Laura, like many, weighed up her Beauty College options conducting research and comparisons. During this process she fell in love with everything the prestigious Ella Baché brand had to offer.

I knew I wanted to work with a reputable brand. I had always heard of Ella Baché and I had a feeling they would have quite high standards and high levels of training. I wanted that full experience in terms of going to college in your uniform and the immaculate presentation Ella Baché had to offer.”

Laura didn’t have a set vision on where her career would take her after college, however as she familiarised herself with the Ella Baché products, she realised she didn’t want to work anywhere else.

I originally wanted to go to College for the training, but then once I started working with the products, and realised the quality and ingredients, I really wanted to continue with the brand.”

Laura’s passion continued year on year as she increased her skillset as a beauty therapist; however, Beauty therapy was more than just skin for her, it was how you can make people feel from within.

What really interested me was not what you can do for someone’s skin, but for their self-esteem and just everything that comes from there. I particularly loved how you can make people feel after pampering them.”

At college, Laura particularly loved the hands-on experience and the intimate attention each student got from the trainers at college. The overall one on one attention at Ella Baché was one that stood out.

I loved the hands-on experience. I also loved the energy at Ella Baché, it was a caring, intimate environment, where I was able to get the most out of my studies”.

Laura continues to see a bright future at Ella Baché with on-going training and support, this is a true testament to the opportunities available at Ella Baché and how you can turn your passion and training into a lifelong career.

For those hesitant, I say just go for it. I had so much fun at college, I miss it so much. The education was great, and there was so much structure. You learn so much.”

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