Meet The Therapist That Turned Her Dream Into A Reality..

Meet The Therapist That Turned Her Dream Into A Reality..

A career in beauty therapy is an extremely rewarding prospect for someone who is passionate about empowering people with the knowledge to achieve healthy radiant skin. If you’re looking for a career change with the dream of owning your own business Ella Baché will train you with sales and marketing skills to prepare you for owning your own franchise in the Ella Baché network.

At Ella Bache we thrive on innovation, forward thinking, and creativity, all values which fall in line with our company vision “knowledge that creates results that last”. With education sitting at the heart of our brand we are always gaining new understanding of the skin and its condition, allowing us to achieve better results. We thrive off helping our college students achieve their dreams and continuously support them through the process.

Meet the therapist that turned her dream into a reality...
Leanna Windsor, Ella Baché Chatswood Salon owner

“With a passion in beauty I decided to complete my Diploma in Beauty Therapy, within two years of graduating from Ella Baché College I became the owner of my very own Ella Baché salon. The passion about skincare, beauty therapy and persistence in achieving your dreams at the college was inspiring, all the while providing us with extensive hands on experience. Through the student salon I was also able to gain knowledge on client bookings, salon teamwork and salon management skills, gaining this understanding early on during the course had me prepared for when the time came to run my own salon. 

Being in my early twenties, the idea of owning my own salon was daunting. However, the Ella Baché network equipped me with the knowledge and tools to become a professional beauty therapist and competent business women, plus Ella Baché has an extremely nurturing culture and a very strong support group. By studying at the college, I was given the best training in skincare diagnostics and beauty therapy. Along with support, I had an amazing team of people around me that encouraged me to work hard and dedicate myself leading me to reach my goals of owning my own salon.”

If you are ready for a rewarding career in beauty therapy, we are currently taking enrollments for online now and On-Campus in February 2018

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