What's next for you?

What's next for you?

It's that time of year when we reflect on all the things we've achieved, and of course, start planning for the next. Whether you’re a school leaver mapping out your career for the first time, or thinking about finally making that career change, it's an opportunity to truly think about – what's next?

What should you study, if you should study at all? What are you passionate about? Where do you see yourself years from now? For one Ella Baché College student, Anita Yari, it was hard to think of a career path that didn't involve the thing she is passionate about the most: skincare and beauty. Anita is currently studying the Diploma of Beauty Therapy, and is now honing her knowledge and skills at our Ella Baché Crows Nest Salon. We spoke with her to learn about her experiences and aspirations.

Why did you choose beauty therapy?

I've always had an interest in beauty, beauty treatments and a love for makeup. When thinking about a lifetime career the only thing that I know I would be passionate about was Beauty.

What do you love about studying with Ella Baché College?

Studying with Ella Baché College is great fun. In the practical classes, a large variety of equipment is available to use, providing knowledge of the different equipment and tools used when in a real salon. It is also amazing to learn amongst peers with similar interests while still having different ideas and opinions to bounce off each other with. Being with the brand Ella Bache, you build a real rapport with all the trainers and a love for the brand itself.

What’s the most interesting fact you’ve learnt about skin?

I will continue to learn about the skin throughout my whole college and work life. I find the most interesting fact that I have learnt about the skin is that no skin is the same. Outside of college and work, media has heavily advertised that skin is based into 3 categories; dry, oily and combination. Whereas at Ella Bache, I have learnt that when treating skin it goes so much further than just those 3 categories. Out of all the people that come in to college and work to have treatments, they are all different and require different outcomes and products for each individual need.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years time I see myself as the owner of an Ella Baché salon. I'll be hands on working 6 days a week and driving a successful business.

What advice would you give to other school leavers interested in studying beauty therapy?

If you are going to study beauty, study with the best, Ella Baché. The training is impeccable and the brand is highly regarded and respected.

Our Diploma of Beauty Therapy is delivered across both flexible online (EdFlex™) and on-campus programs. No matter which program you choose you'll have access to our team of highly qualified and experienced trainers, dedicated to sharing their passion for skincare, and be required to take part in practical classes to develop your skills. We'll also help you connect with our 150 Ella Baché Salons nationally for on-the-job placements and employment opportunities upon graduation.

They often say that failure to plan is planning to fail. If you're passionate about skin and beauty, why wait? Get a head start and enrol now for our Diploma of Beauty Therapy.

  • Next Online EdFlex™ intake: November 2018 (enrolments close 5th November)
  • Next On-Campus intake: February 2019 (enrolments close 25th February)

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