Switch Your Skincare To Suit The Season

Switch Your Skincare To Suit The Season
A change in season prompts a time to consider a change in skincare, which is why April is a great time to reassess your skin’s needs. With seasons coming and going we continue on with our skincare regime without notice. Little do we know that this could have impact on our skin health and that desired glowing complexion.
Hayley Fahd, Ella Baché Skin Therapist and NSW Field Trainer, has 6+ years experience in the beauty industry and educates our post-graduates on all things product and treatment. We asked Hayley how we can manage our complexion in the cooler months with her tips and tricks to keep skin feeling hydrated all year round.


Exfoliation is vital in your skincare routine as it gently removes away dead skin cells that have built up on the outer layer of your skin, this creating a layer that your products will struggle to absorb into. Seasonal changes will also increasingly dehydrate the skin which may leave your complexion looking lacklustre. To ensure your skin is looking fresh and hydrated exfoliate once to twice weekly (depending on the hydration of your skin). The benefit of regular exfoliation is that it continues to recreate fresh skin cells that leave skin bright, even and fine lines smoothed over.

Add a Serum

As we enter the cooler months adding a serum in to your routine is imperative for optimal skin health. It protects your complexion with enriching antioxidants for maximum absorption and penetration to work on those areas of concern and assist the problem from the issue out, opposed to superficially fixing it on the surface of the skin but not actually treating the main cause of the seasonal issue.

Our Ella Baché Hydra Hyaluronic Cellular Serum is enriched with hyaluronic acid, a powerhouse product that will instantly plump and hydrate the skin.

If you do begin to notice changes in your skin during the seasons or you are finding your skin is increasingly becoming lackluster, visit one of our Salons or David Jones Counters for a skin diagnosis. Our qualified therapists can customise a facial treatment and home care skin solutions based on the condition of your skin.

At Ella Baché our aim is to educate our clients on individually tailored solutions based on our in depth knowledge of the skin and its functions. To ensure you are receiving the right treatment we do recommend a seasonal skin diagnosis, and regular treatments in salon - your skin will thank you forever.

Book your appointment now with our industry leading beauty therapists to discuss your change of season skincare routine.

*Photo Credit Jamie Nelson

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