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During these uncertain times, our opening hours for Treatments and product sales may differ. Please contact us for new operating hours prior to your visit.

Ella Baché Balmain is an established beauty salon that has operated for over 20 years in the Balmain area. We are a team of experienced and motivated therapists that have worked together for a long period of time.

Our highly educated therapists will diagnose your skin and recommend skin care solutions and or treatments individualised for your face and body. We are committed to providing excellent customer service in a relaxing environment designed to nourish face, body and soul. We are located only 5kms from Sydney CBD.

If you do need to cancel or postpone your treatment, please notify us by phone or email 24 hours prior to your appointment time. If a cancellation is made within 24 hours of the appointment time, 100% of the service fee will be required to be paid and used to recover costs incurred by us in maintaining availability of our employees and resources. For treatments booked under an Ella Baché Gift Card or Gift Voucher, the card/voucher will be void should you fail to give the required 24 hours’ notice. Your Gift Voucher/Card number must be quoted at the time of booking.


We pride ourselves on always ensuring the most hygienic practices are upheld throughout our salons. As social distancing restrictions begin to ease, we have strict practices in place to ensure that your treatments are always delivered in safe, hygiene environments by our expert Therapists. In line with our COVIDSafe practices, at this time we are requiring all staff and clients to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We appreciate your understanding with this matter. This policy is subject only to this individual Ella Baché. Ella Baché Salons are independently owned and operated business.

Through consultation, industry and medical recommendation, Ella Baché advise a 48 hour window prior and post any COVID-19 vaccination to having any beauty / skincare treatment. Microneedling services are not recommended 48 hours prior to COVID-19 vaccination and after a minimum 4 weeks, however ideally 8 weeks, post any COVID-19 vaccination. We are committed to the wellness of our clients at all times and appreciate your understanding with these recommendations.

Express Facial Treatments

A range of Ella Baché Express Facial Treatments designed by our skincare experts to deliver accelerated results in minimal time.

Sort My Skin

30min $85

Target problem skin experiencing congestion and inflammation. Deep cleansing and extra-purifying action helps to smooth skin texture, minimise harmful bacteria and control excess oil for a fresh, healthy complexion. Ideal for young and adult skin.

Find My Balance

45min $95

Ideal for rebalancing the skin between changing seasons, and improve moisture retention by restoring pH balance. A comforting Facial Treatment designed to repair the acid mantle.

Extreme Hydration Facial

30min $100

An advanced express treatment that replenishes moisture levels in dehydrated and extremely dry skin. This intensely hydrating facial incorporates a 26% peel and regeneration mask to revitalise, plump and brighten the complexion. Includes cleansing and moisture protective application.

LED Light Therapy

30min $90

Therapuetic light energy that is applied to the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production to energise, plump and accelerate healing.

LED Booster

15min $55

This intensive light therapy facial add-on penetrates deeply into the skin’s cells, boosting collagen production, whilst calming

Microdermabrasion Treatment

45min $115

Cleanse, thorough microdermabrasion treatment, hydrating mask and application of a moisturise protection with an added 50+ sun cover.

Specialised Facial Treatments

Our Signature Experience

1h $120

Improve your skin's health and condition with the facial that made us famous.  An individualised Facial Treatment tailored to suit your needs that leaves skin radiant and healthy. Treatment includes a professional Skin Diagnosis, double cleanse, vapour, exfoliation, massage, mask, moisture protective and sun protection.  

Give Me Strength

1h $150

Promote skin strength, resilience and calm with a deeply soothing SensiBeautics Facial Treatment. Designed to support delicate skin experiencing stress, sensitivity and inflammation.

Brighten Me Up

1h $150

Brighten, hydrate and give skin a radiant glow with this potent NeoBright Facial Treatment. Kakadu Plum, Vitamin C and Papain Protein Resurfacing Enzymes help to unify the complexion and reduce the appearance of dark spots associated with pigmentation. Skin is smoothed, radiant, luminous and protected from free-radicals.

Clear My Complexion

1h $135

An invigorating Detox Aromatique Facial Treatment ideal for those experiencing toxin build up and blemishes. Our even-complexion massage assists with purifying and improving circulation, while specialised active ingredients refresh and oxygenate the skin, which helps to reduce inflammation and rebalances. 

Help Me Hydrate

1h $165

Replenish moisture levels in dehydrated and extremely dry skin with an intensely hydrating Hydra Facial Treatment. Includes a specialised plumping massage and Intensive Extreme Regeneration Mask to tone, revitalise and brighten the complexion.

Stop The Clock

1h $160

Target premature ageing with a Spirulines Facial Treatment, rich in 220 life-essential elements and powerful antioxidants, Spirulina helps to repair, smooth and protect. The Spirulines Wrinkle Firming Mask intensely tones, tightens and brightens the skin. 

Turn Back Time

1h $150
1h 15min $185

For youthful-looking skin that is lifted, smoothed and sculpted. This luxurious, intensely volumising Eternal+ Facial Treatment features an age-defying serum, an exclusive toning massage technique and a smoothing Morpho-Mask with Caviar to firm, tone, plump, restore density and helps to restructure the skin. 

Microdermabrasion Facial

1h15min $150

A non-invasive, superior skin exfoliation, benefits include reduction of minor to moderate early ageing fine lines, scar revision, hyper-pigmentation reduction and smoother, fresher and healthier looking skin.

Boost Me Up

Enhance your Facial Treatment with a targeted or technology enhanced High Performance* booster.

Radiance Eye Mask

Intensive Extreme Regeneration Mask

Charcoal Foaming Mask

Instant Glow Mask

Firming Neck and Decollétage Mask

AHA Professional Resurfacing Peel

Collagen+ Peptide Eye Mask

Body Treatments

Experience the ultimate full body rejuvenation with an individualised body treatment for tailored results.


1h $103

A deeply relaxing Swedish massage technique that eases tension, relieves aching muscles and restores balance. Includes a combination of soothing effleurage, deep kneading and tapotement to improve circulation, eliminate toxins and promote overall well being.

Full Body Exfoliation

30min $100

Dramatically soften and refine skin texture with a full body smoothing exfoliation treatment. Features our deeply nourishing Honey Almond Balm or active Earth Enzyme Body Exfoliant. 

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment

30min $98

An intensely purifying treatment targeted to the back and shoulders including deep cleansing, exfoliation, vapour and treatment mask. Eliminates impurities, re-balances and helps to clear blemishes.

Hands & Feet

Complement any service with a rejuvenating hand or foot treatment. 

Hand and Feet Exfoliation

15min $30


Enhance the eye contour with a professional eyelash or brow tint, brow shape or combination of both.

Brow Tint

30min $23

Lash Tint

30min $30

Lash and Brow Tint

30min $50

Eyebrow Shape

30min $30

Eyebrow Shape and Brow Tint

30min $57

Eyebrow Shape with Lash & Brow Tint

30min $68, 45min $71

Lash Lift

60min $100

Lash Lift with Lash Tint

60min $115


Our waxing treatments are performed using high-quality Ella Baché wax and carried out in accordance with strict hygiene standards.

Waxing For Her

Full leg


3/4 legs


Lower legs


Upper legs






Brazilian (1st visit)


Brazilian (follow up)


Face (Incl. lip & brow)




Full arm


Half arm


Stomach line


Lip or chin


Lip & chin


Brow & chin


Brow & lip


Brow, lip & chin


Waxing For Him

Full back




Half back


Chest or stomach


Full legs






Full arms


Skin Diagnosis

Your skin has a set of characteristics that are unique to you. Some of these are noticeable on the surface, such as dryness or oiliness, but some can only be identified by a qualified Skin Therapist. A Skin Diagnosis will allow your Skin Therapist to develop your daily skin care routine, and carefully select a range of recommended products.

Special Offers

Reawaken My Rejuvenation

30min | $85

Rejuvenate skin tone, texture and radiance with this advanced treatment featuring a highly concentrated and supercharged Retinol Treatment Mask, formulated with 1% Encapsulated Retinol.