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Franchising Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of being part of the franchise network?

The purpose of franchising is to create a network of like businesses working under different owners yet using the same processes to provide services and products of the same unified standard. As a franchisor, Ella Baché’s goal is to encourage our Salon Owners to work together to achieve, both their business goals and their life goals. This allows us to work with them as partners in their businesses.

Do I need to work in the business full-time?

We ask that you and/or a partner plan to work in the business for at least the first 12 months and ensure that all of the necessary processes and procedures are in place before stepping back from the business.

What Franchise specific training does Ella Baché provide?

We pride ourselves on our training and as a result we have an extensive program. Highlights include: Franchisee Orientation / Comprehensive Salon Owner/Manager training / In-salon team pre/post-opening specialised coaching by Ella Baché expert field trainers / Ella Baché Business Manager – will discuss your business goals and local area marketing with you and visit you on a regular basis / Annual Franchise Conference / Franchise Meetings / Post Graduate Training Calender and State Training Calender

How do you identify the right site/location?

A suitable strip or shopping centre is one part of the equation; however it's equally important to understand the area, including traffic patterns, demographics, exposure, competition and even future building plans. A profiling analysis is completed for the location of interest prior to proceeding.

How much money can I make from an Ella Baché Franchise?

Many factors must be considered in determining potential earnings and profits. No warranties are implied in any projections or estimates given by our personnel or any external agencies. Prospective salon owners are advised to do their own market evaluations and seek professional advice (e.g. accountant and solicitor). We provide you with a Business Planning Tool to use for this purpose.

How long is the Franchise Agreement for?

The Franchise Agreement term is 15 years (3 x 5years). Initial agreement term is 5 years. It is in our interest to ensure we continue our relationship with our Franchisees for as long as possible. If both parties agree, the agreement can be extended for two additional five-year periods. There is no renewal fee.

What extra benefits do franchisees get?

Franchisees receive the following benefits: Exclusive Territory - no other salon can open in your territory / Business Benchmarking Consulting - full support to grow your business / Price Matrix Analysis - a program designed to ensure your always profitable / Franchise Advertising Program - incentivising you by providing you with dollars to advertise and promote your salon / Virtual Salon - this is your own salon website with a link from the main Ella Baché website / Invitation to the Annual Franchise Conference / Incentive Programs – Beauty Therapist, Salon Owner, Salon Team / Franchise Portal Access - templates ready for your use / Franchise Operation Manual / Trading Name – Franchises are licensed by us to trade under the name of Ella Baché “suburb” (i.e.: Ella Baché Mosman) / National Marketing Strategy

If I already own a salon can I turn this to a Ella Baché salon?

Yes, you can convert your salon to an Ella Baché Salon; however there is a conversion criteria for approval that your salon will need to go through the process. You do not necessarily need to completely re-shop fit your salon in order to become a franchisee. However, you may need to make some initial front of house improvements that clients can identify you as an Ella Baché Salon. Our team will discuss what improvements required before franchising because every salon has different needs. The focus is to work with you to convert your current salon to an Ella Baché Salon, if a time lined schedule of works is required, we will ensure this takes place to allow you a smooth transition financially.

Can I own more than one franchise?

Yes, an increasing number of our Salon Owners have more than one salon. It is a testimony to the quality of our business model. This is done via an application process.

Can I sell the business?

Yes. You can sell the business at anytime during the life of the agreement and renewal period. However, the business must be sold to an acceptable individual or organisation approved by the Franchisor. The potential new owners must agree to the terms and conditions of the Franchise agreement.

What territory do I obtain?

The Franchise agreement nominates a specific site and you receive a territory of 1km radius around that site. No two radii can intersect, therefore would be at least 2km between your site and the nearest Ella Baché salon.

Will Ella Baché assist with finance?

We can put you in touch with a financial broker who can assess your financial position and put you in touch with the right lender.

How much would an Ella Baché salon cost to open?

We aim to keep the fit out costs to a minimum to support our award winning design. The average outlay to establish an Ella Baché salon is approximately $100,000 if we locate and convert a non-Ella Baché salon site. For a new site the cost does vary and can be up to approximately $400,000 due to the fit out requirements and size of the site.

I’m interested and believe I qualify. What next?

The first step is to contact our Franchising team by registering your interest or by phoning 1300 136 661 to arrange a meeting to discuss opening your own Ella Baché salon or converting. In this meeting you will go over what steps are involved in opening your own Ella Baché Salon (or converting to our successful franchise model) and the franchisee-approval process. You will learn about the support that Ella Baché offers to their salon partner network of successful salons and how important your success is to us.

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