The Joy of Beauty

This Festive Season, we are celebrating Joy.

The Joy that our clients find in their beauty treatments and skincare, the joy that our Therapists have working in the beauty industry and treating their clients, and the joy that we all have celebrating the beauty of the Australian landscape and Australian summers.

This year we have partnered with Melbourne based artist Fern Siebler for our Limited Edition Christmas Packages and licensed by Copyright Agency. Fern’s colourful artwork represents Australia’s unique landscape, and her representation of the land and ocean in abstract form is warm, enticing and captures the essence of an Australian summer.

Give joy this Festive Season with one of our Limited Edition Gift Packs, enjoy your bonus Limited Edition Mist when you purchase 2 skincare products or treat yourself to your favourite summer skincare essentials.

Meet Fern Siebler

My name is Fern and I’m an abstract artist and graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I grew up in a small regional town in Victoria, where my passion for earth, the flow of nature and all things colour began.

I am a trained graphic designer (BA.Communication Design) and a self-taught artist. My free flowing paintings are an uncontrolled release from the structured nature of the graphic design industry I have practised in for over five years.

As an emerging artist based in Melbourne, my abstractions are best known to be layered and flowing, inspired by the fluidity and movement of the earth’s elements; water, air, fire and smoke.

Give Joy This Festive Season

Hydrating Skin Collection


Illuminating Skin Collection


Rejuvenating Skin Collection


Skin Essentials Duo


Enjoy your Party Skin Pack with Instant Glow Mask and Rose Hydration Mist valued at $68 when you purchase any 2 skincare products

Treat yourself or someone special to a touch of joy this festive season with one of our limited edition Treatment Packages.

What’s bringing our Therapists Joy this Festive Season

Chermside - Christi

Chermside - Ruby

Collins Square - MaryAnn O'Connor

Coolangatta - Sharney

Ella Baché Dalby

Doncaster - Stacey