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Crème Intex

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A multi-purpose, intensive recovery treatment cream that comforts and relieves extremely dry, flaky, irritated and chapped skin. Also helps soothe and heal skin that have suffered an allergic reaction or a mild burn.

Did you know? Crème Intex was inspired by Madame Ella Baché's observations of Icelandic fishermen who never had chapped or cracked hands despite their harsh working conditions. The cold water halibut were a rich source of vitamin A and D preventing dry skin. She also recognised that during WWI doctors used the same cod liver oil ingredients to treat burn injuries. Crème Intex was born – its unusual name comes from INTerior-EXterior – an allusion to its many uses.

Product Details

Ingredient Benefits
Cod Liver Oil Soothes, repairs and prevents skin dryness
LanolinProtects the skin's natural barrier and prevents moisture loss
Thyme OilAnti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that cool and soothe skin
How to use TREATMENT: Crème Intex - Can be used anywhere on face or body where there’s an irritation, burn or rash. Rub a small pearl sized amount between fingertips and pat onto problem areas. Use day and/or evening.
deep, painful lumps
dehydrated skin
dry skin
irritated, sensitive (red) skin
weak, flaking skin


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At Ella Baché, we’re strong believers in the philosophy that 'no two skins are alike'. This means your skin has its own set of characteristics and is constantly undergoing change.

Having spent the last 60 years of providing individual skin solutions for Australian women and men, we’ve learned that a person’s skin conditions is the determining factor when it comes to achieving radiant skin.

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