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Great SPF50 Sun Kit

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repare for summer months with Ella Baché's Great SPF​50 sportsbloc and Great SPF50 Sunglow.

Great SPF50+ Sportsbloc
Active defence against the harsh Australian sun. A 4 hour water resistant cream enriched with super-fruit antioxidant complex and multi-functional skin emollients for optimum hydration; while providing broad spectrum, balanced UVA/UVB protection.

Great SPF50 Sunglow 

A moisture rich tinted luminous shimmer that radiates your skin whilst providing sun protection. Lightly tints skin and provides benefits of an evened out complexion due to the instant colour. 

Product Details

Ingredient Benefits
LanolinProtects the skin's natural barrier and prevents moisture loss
Macadamia Nut OilSimilar in sebum composition it is a cleansing oil that leaves a soft, velvety finish. Rich in EFA's (essential fatty acids) it maintains skin's water barrier function and moisture levels as well as preventing skin dryness
Organic UV Absorbers Provides very high SPF protection and balanced UVA and UVB protection
SqualaneAn olive oil derivative that boosts the skin’s hydration. Also moisturising, softening and prevents dryness
Super-fruit Antioxidants Pomegranate, Cranberry and Grape Seed oils plus Green Tea and Vitamin E. Concentrated, powerful antioxidants to protect cells from UV induced free radicals.
Omega 6 & 9Nourishing and protective Skin is softened
How to use
SPF 50+ Sportsbloc
Apply first application on cool, dry skin 20 mins before sun exposure. Reapply often, especially after swimming, towel drying or excessive perspiration. 

Great SPF50 Sunglow 
Shake bottle well before use. Apply generously to clean, dry and exfoliated skin, avoiding aye area. Wash hands and recap bottle immediately after use. 
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