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Radiance Make-up Remover

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This liquid quick and effective makeup remover gently removes face, eye and lip makeup. Tomato extract, rich in vitamins and minerals, combined with pre- and pro-biotics from corn, beetroot and yacon tubers brighten the complexion and give radiance. Algae known for its ability to retain moisture creates a molecular film to improve hydration. Leaves skin refreshed and cleansed.

Suitable for light, non waterproof makeup.

Product Details

Ingredient Benefits
Chondrus Crispus AlgaeA red algae creates a protective film to prevent water loss from the skin and improve hydration
Pre- and Pro-bioticsDerived from corn, beetroot and yacon tubers for a healthier and stronger skin, capable of fighting daily agressions
Tomato ExtractContains a mix of potent antioxidants including lycopene, beta-carotene, vitamin E and various other phytonutrients. Softens, purifies and clarifies the complexion as well as restoring natural pH levels and decreasing redness
How to use CLEANSER: Démaquillant d’Eclat - Dampen a cotton pad and gently remove face, eye and lip makeup. Do not rinse. For heavy eye makeup, rest dampened cotton pad on eye area longer.
blackheads and congestion
brown spots and dull skin
dark circles
deep, painful lumps
dehydrated skin
delicate, visible capillaries
dry skin
excess oil
flaky, damaged skin
infection and pustules
irritated, sensitive (red) skin
lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness
premature ageing, fine lines
unbalanced pH
weak, flaking skin


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