Therapist Tips

We asked our Skin Therapists to give us the lowdown on some common skin concerns. If you've any specific skin questions, you can chat to our Skin Therapists at any salon, or online using our online diagnosis service. Both are complimentary, and obligation free.

How do I get rid of pigmentation?

Fading any kind of pigmentation is something that doesn’t just happen over night unfortunately. The cells which create the pigmentation are produced in the basal layer of the skin (the deepest part) so it is a condition that is truly skin deep.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure when it comes to excess sun exposure. We can try and fade the sun spots and pigmentation on the surface layers however by using a good quality protective sunscreen. Ella Baché has a range of high performance locally researched and developed suncare.

As pigmentation is the darkest in the surface layers of the skin, include a thorough exfoliation in your skincare routine. This will compliment the use of sun protection Exfoliation will remove dead cells from the surface allowing for quicker results with the fading of age spots. Try Ella Baché’s Revitalisant or Gommage Delicat once a week.

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How do I get rid of acne scarring?

Acne scarring is a condition characterised by small scar like features on the surface of the skin with perhaps a rough or uneven texture. This condition is caused from the pore being distorted and made larger to accommodate the excess oil flow produced by the sebaceous gland at the bottom of the pore. When the skin heals after an infection in the pore (which is the pimple) a scar is the result.

To help assist the skin recover from acne scarring we aim to repair and strengthen the skin. Repairing Skin Solution combines products rich in Algae Extracts and Cod Liver Oil, a great source of Vitamin A, to intensively repair the skin and reduce redness associate to acne scars.

How do I achieve an even, long lasting tan?


A build-up of dead skin and old fake tan is one key reason why a tan may look patchy on the skin. If you are someone who applies tan regularly then you must exfoliate the old tan off prior to re-applying new tan.


Moisturising maintains an even coverage tan. The biggest cause of patchiness is dryness or dehydration on the skin. Moisturise daily with a nourishing cream such as Water Source Cream to ensure an even, glowing bronzed appearance. Great SunKiss is also a fantastic product to hydrate and nourish the skin while maintaining the depth of colour in the tan.


There are a variety of fake tans that all suit different types of skin.
A cream tan such as Great Tan without Sun is great for a dry skin as it will tan and nourish the skin at the same time. A Mousse Tan is great for a normal to oily skin as this type of tan dries quickly and is more lightweight in texture. When using a cream or mousse tan always apply your tan with a Tanning Mitt to avoid streaks appearing and ensuring an even consistency A Spray Tan is great for someone who does not want to get their hands dirty and can be applied without having to use your hands.

I’m worried about premature aging and I’ve started to notice fine lines around my eyes. What should I do?

Over time, skin begins to thin; it looses elasticity and firmness, and produces less collagen. Wrinkles start to deepen and the surface of the skin increasingly becomes dry and dull.

It’s important to always use a cleanser that is specifically designed for the eye area such as Eye and Lip Cleanser. Eye and Lip Cleanser is designed to gently remove eye make-up while nourishing the dry, delicate skin around the eyes.

Ella Baché has specialised ranges and treatments such as Age Protection and Eternal to specifically address ageing skin concerns at the most advanced level. The Eternal Restructuring Eye Gel is a multi-purpose eye care product that hydrates, instantly lifts and firms and softens the depth of wrinkles around the eye contour

I’m pregnant, what sort of treatments would you recommend?

Ella Baché has many great services on offer to help revive you when tired and needing a lift during pregnancy.
Services include indulging luxurious Body Treatments such as the Fire Hand or Foot Treatment tailored to treat sore, heavy and tired hands or feet.

If it’s a Facial that you crave Ella Baché have a wonderful reputation for quality Skincare with an extensive range of treatments to suit any need and skin concern. Perhaps an instant Plumping or Anti – Aging Facial which lasts for 1.5hours and includes a complimentary foot or hand treatment is for you? For someone who has limited time but wants maximum results try our 30 minute relaxing Triple Expresso Facial Treatment.

Each Ella Baché salon may vary with prices and treatments available. To find your closest Ella Baché salon and details of their treatment menu click Find a Salon. Simply let them know what you want to achieve from your visit and your budget and they will be able to tailor a visit to meet your needs.