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Belle made her debut in 2015 with THE A-LINE, a Sydney-based womenswear brand. From there, she honed her craft in design and brand cultivation, ultimately birthing Avant Studio in 2020 - a haven where jewellery and lifestyle intertwine, fuelled by a passion for self-expression and designs inspired by dreams of days gone by.
What does BOLD Beyond Beauty mean to you?

Feeling unapologetically your best self in your own skin.
What is your number one skincare tip?

Less is more.
How do you maintain fresh, glowing skin with your busy schedule?

I have really simplified the steps in my skin care routine down to a just an oil cleanser, hyaluronic acid and moisturiser. It’s easy and I’ve turned it into a meditation ritual.

What is your favourite Ella Baché product?

The Hyraluronic Intensive Treatment Booster.
What is the boldest move you’e ever made?

Starting a clothing label when I was 19 with zero experience.
What is the number 1 BOLD move you will be making in 2024?

Expanding Avant Studio into the US market.

Is there something about you, either physical or non-physical, that you have struggled with over your lifetime?

Skin-wise, definitely Acne which I’ve struggled with my entire adult life.
Having the guts to be bold and own your own career journey is something we admire about our ‘bold women’ did you face any setbacks when you started out with your

Absolutely, the early days are full of set backs. For me, especially my first business, I made monumental mistakes and struggled with a lot self-doubt and anxiety about “making it work”.

We are all running a million miles per hour, do you ever feel like you have bitten off more than you can chew?

ALL the time. I have always had Anxiety and having a business is a constant battle of balancing my mental health whilst still letting my ambition guide me forward.

What are your tips to manage that all too familiar overwhelming feeling?

Practice self-soothing and find the tools you need for you when the feeling comes on - for me it’s quiet time in nature and time with my dogs.

Have you ever had a moment where everybody has told you that something can’t be done and you had to hold strong?

Yes, especially as a young woman in business, you get a lot of no’s and have to be prepared to let them wash over you and keep going. I also don’t believe in taking no for an answer, just try again at another time.
What’s your best advice, things that you live by yourself, to give people who want to live a bolder life?

A friend of mine said her phrase for 2024 was “If not now, when?” I have adopted it as my own as I truly believe that we only live once and with risk comes great reward. I also think there is something to be said for putting yourself in situations of discomfort, it is often followed with immense personal growth.
If I said “She lived a bold life” what does that mean to you?

Expressing yourself unapologetically, saying yes to everything, being open to the world.
When something goes wrong, how do you pick yourself up off the floor? Can you give me an example of when something has gone worse than you hoped that it would, and how you get through that?

Usually I need to cry and talk about it, problem solve and move on. In my first business, I remember the first ever bulk order of dresses arrived and there were holes in the front panel of every dress.. safe to say I had a COMPLETE meltdown. Following this, I looked to my support network to help me come up with a solution - never feel like you have to go through challenges alone.
Lastly, if you had 20 seconds of insane courage what’s the one bold move you would make right now?

I would book a flight and move to Paris.

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