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Sensitive Skin Products

This comprehensive collection has been tailored specifically for those in search of the best skincare for sensitive skin. Acknowledging the unique challenges that come with a delicate complexion, Ella Baché’s range of sensitive skincare offers carefully formulated products that nourish and revitalise.

Sensitive Skincare Benefits

At the heart of sensitive skincare is enabling radiant, healthy skin without risking irritation. Instead of managing flare-ups, it’s about preventing them from occurring in the first place. Exploring the vast range of sensitive skin products available can sometimes be daunting for those with sensitive skin, as new products can sometimes cause unexpected and adverse reactions. Ella Baché’s range of skincare for dry, sensitive skin specifically caters to those with a delicate complexion, so you can embrace a routine that both safeguards and rejuvenates.


Sensitive skin often needs a calming touch. Our skincare for sensitive skin prioritises gentle yet effective ingredients, aiming to pacify any inflammation, redness, or discomfort. This ensures that even the most reactive skin feels soothed, relaxed, and truly cared for. For a fabulousy soft, smooth complexion, try our Softening Jojoba Cream.


To flourish, sensitive skin requires balance. It's not just about mitigating sensitivity, but also bolstering the skin's natural barrier and functions. Our range of sensitive skincare products ensure a balanced approach, harmonising hydration and oil levels, leading to a complexion that feels both resilient and soft.

Hyaluronic Acid

A wonder ingredient for many, hyaluronic acid proves to be a blessing for those with sensitive skin. Renowned for its profound hydration capabilities, it not only moisturises but also alleviates tightness and dryness, making it an integral component in our skincare for dry, sensitive skin.


Our environment is filled with pollutants that many people may not even notice in their day-to-day lives. But these aggressors can be harsh on delicate and sensitive skin. Ella Baché's sensitive skincare routine integrates dynamic protective elements that can help to shield the skin from these abrasive environmental factors. Try our intensive Sensibeautics Intensive Recovery Serum or the new Sensibeautics Starter Kit for luminously beautiful skin that is protected against potential irritants.

Suncover Great SPF50 Foundation


A moisturising and light diffusing SPF50 medium coverage foundation, which not only moisturises the skin, but also protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays and softens the appearance of fine lines and gives a flawless complexion Enriched with green tea antioxidants, jojoba and lanolin...