Beauty Is More Than Just Skin Deep

Beauty Is More Than Just Skin Deep

There is something about a movement like R U OK? that can get under your skin. It makes us rethink connection and the confidence we need to have bold conversations.

It’s a reminder that asking for help is an act of service, and allowing individuals in your life the honor of being there to support you and share in meaningful conversations.

As a brand, Ella Baché relate and connect deeply to the vision and mission of R U OK? Their work focuses on building the motivation, confidence, and skills of the help-giver – the person who can have a meaningful conversation with someone who is struggling with life.

Our brand mission is to ‘Change people’s lives by giving them the confidence to love the skin they’re in’. Our Skin Solutions are designed to help our customers acknowledge their beauty is more than just the appearance of their skin.

As an ambassador for the Flourish Foundation, I reflect on these past few years where there have been countless moments where the power of communication and connection have been integral in sustaining a healthy mindset, with ourselves and the people around us. At Flourish, we work towards creating a safe space where mental well-being thrives, where we support and work closely with complex mental health issues developing programs and building resources that support people’s unmet needs, whilst ensuring a sense of belonging, and connection.

Celebrate Your Unique Skin Story

Your Skin Story is more than skin deep, and how the world sees us, it’s a reflection of our story. Beyond our individualised Skin Solutions, we share the stories of Australian women who are living their life of true passion.

In a world of constant change, groundbreaking technology, unprecedented transparency, and unrivalled expectations, it is harder than ever to stand up, speak out and fearlessly redefine your future.

And, we hope to always be a part of a world where our shared stories can give you the confidence to be bold in answering R U OK?

For R U OK? resources visit the website.

Be Bold

In honor of Bold Moves, we revisit a story of powerhouse bestie duo Chloe Fisher and Ellidy Pullin from award winning podcast Darling, Shine!

A remarkable story of two women staring down the barrel of adversity they open up the discussion of Infertility and Widowhood and it is through their raw and honest conversations that they have gone on to build a community of belonging, and a tribe of people from all walks of life that honor the power of connection and communication.

To read more about their remarkable journeys, and their unique Bold Moves, visit our blog. 

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