BOLD Women - Ellie Louise Coker

BOLD Women - Ellie Louise Coker

In the latest installment of our BOLD women series, we sit down with Ellie, one of the vibrant faces of our Ella Baché My Skin Story Campaign.

A creative at heart, Ellie talks about the moments she has deliberately taken herself out of her comfort zone, to make Bold Moves and follow her passions. Whilst always coming back to her unique story, her skin story, one that champions who she is, and what she stands for.

Can you tell us a little about your skin story, background, or challenges and what has influenced your skin care routine today?

When it comes to skin, I’ve always had a laid-back approach, a ‘less is more’ kind of mentality. But, after experiencing a hormonal imbalance when coming off the pill last year, everything changed. My complexion went from being resilient, to reactive and overly sensitive, so I took time to learn about my skin, and its unique needs, my skin story was created over time with lots of education and patience, it has been a labour of love and today I’m back to simplicity, an Ella Baché cream cleanser and ultra-nourishing moisturiser. I’m happy to be back!


What has given you the courage or confidence to own your skin story or love the skin you're in?

I think as I get older, I am becoming more at peace in my own unique skin. Sure, 12 years of being in front of the camera can be a bit of a ride when it comes to loving yourself, but self-acceptance and inner confidence shines through. Throughout my career, the main struggle was being valued for who I am, not my appearance. I wanted to be valued for my personality and respected for my mind, and when it came to showing up creatively, that has been the journey that I have had to show most courage with.

“Over time, what I’ve learnt is, when all the surface stuff melts away, what is my worth, what do I stand for… it’s taken a while but with some really good friends & loved ones, being creative, my independence and learning to care – I am slowing building on a world where I can truly appreciate myself and the skin, I’m in.”

What does being BOLD mean to you?

Being bold to me means making choices that might not necessarily be the easiest. It means throwing myself in the deep end- deliberately taking myself out of my comfort zone. I think a life well lived is one that is full of experience, and my boldest moments are those where I have trusted myself to jump into something really scary & really new and just work it out. 

How do you maintain fresh, glowing skin with your busy day-to-day life?

I hate to be that girl but my god water is the goat!

And, I’m not always glowy. We all have our days, sometimes my skin is popping & sometimes it is flat as hell, but good sleep, H20 & getting upside down to get the blood flowing (yoga) is the where the magic is... And a good moisturiser - whenever I have a good routine, my skin is usually thanks me.


What is the boldest move you have ever made?

 Deciding to back myself and follow my creative passions. I remember telling my parents I wanted to be a photographer, and the first thing they asked me was, how are you going to make a career out of that? Well, I’m an Aries and I love a challenge. It took a while to gain momentum, and to feel respected within the industry, as coming with a background in modelling it took a while for people to take me seriously – but I was tenacious, and worked hard, I am proud of where I am today.

 Could you please tell us about your career journey and where you are now?

I was always a design kid. I did interior design followed by comm design at university, and now I’m a photographer. So, not the clearest path but it’s always been creative, and I think I was always navigating towards the fashion industry. My friend Britt and I used to art direct shoots in high school, I would model & she would shoot. May those photos never see the light of day! The first camera I got was a second-hand Canon. A friend told me never to use auto settings and I forced myself to learn manual. Assisting, tutorials, working out my light, it was all a process and a lot of self-motivation. I now love, love shooting film, especially medium format. That process, in all of its slowed down glory, has been the most rewarding. 

 Have you ever had a moment where someone has told you that there is something that can't be done?

There are people everywhere who will tell you, you can’t, I get it all the time. But, my biggest motivator is proving people wrong.

What Bold Moves do you have planned for 2023?

2023 is looking good. I’m hoping to spend some time in Paris. I was there last year & I went back to the bottom of the pecking order, assisting on some really exciting shoots. There’s something about being a 3rd assistant on a massive 12 hour day shoot, carrying sandbags around in 35-degree weather while no one speaks to you that is so humbling, and I love it.

If you had 10 seconds of insane courage, what would be the boldest move you’d make?

Probably go live in the wilderness or something. Or buy a stupidly expensive camera. Can I do both? 

Lastly, what is your best advice?


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