BOLD Women - Harmony Abell

BOLD Women - Harmony Abell

Raised in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, local model Harmony Abell is a beacon of positivity. Signed with Chic model management, Abell has made it her mission to spread a message of value and self-worth that encourages women, of all ages to embrace and love themselves just the way they are.

A champion for positivity and self-acceptance, we here at Ella Bache HQ love her real and raw authenticity – and, her approach to making Bold Moves daily.

With a belief that beauty lies within yourself, Harmony is completely transparent when it comes to the day-to-day ups and downs women may face in a world that is constantly striving to be perfect.

Here, we sit down with Abell in an interview where she opens up about her career journey, the setbacks she faced along the way plus her tips and tricks for managing that all to overwhelming feeling of biting off more than you can chew!

1. So, Harmony, what does BOLD beyond beauty mean to you?

Being bold means having the confidence to be yourself, NO MATTER WHAT. No matter the insecurities, or how you may feel about yourself, no matter the thoughts and opinions that others may have of you. When you are Bold Beyond Beauty, you feel free from all these things – you are, your true authentic self.

2. What’s your number 1, skincare tip?

Less is more.

3. How do you maintain fresh, glowing skin?

Vitamin D, SPF, and a spitz of Ella Bache Daily Hydration Mist.

4. What is the number 1 BOLD move you will be making in 2021?

Stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things that usually make me feel uncomfortable – feeling safe in pushing myself out of my daily boundaries.

5. What is the boldest move you have ever made?

Loving myself and being kind to myself and all those around me.

6. Having the guts to be bold and own your career journey is something we admire about our ‘bold women’ – did you face any setbacks when your started out?

I started my career in modelling in 2019, and the most challenging thing that I faced (as did everyone) was navigating and juggling work during the pandemic in 2020 – I have re-set for 2021 and have goals I want to achieve so here’s hoping this year comes with less setbacks!

7. We are all running a million miles per hour, do you ever feel like you have bitten off more than you can chew? If so, what are your tips to manage this feeling?

For me personally, I really don’t enjoy the feeling of running a million miles per hour – and, I actually don’t prioritise being busy; I prioritise living slow, and I love an uncluttered schedule that gives me the freedom to do the things that I enjoy. To live like this, I have learnt that its okay to say no!

8. When something goes wrong, or not to plan – how do you pick yourself up off the floor to ensure you keep living authentically?

I replace my negative thoughts with positive thoughts, instead of dwelling on the negative, I will always look for the positives and remain optimistic about the outcome – even if it’s only the tiniest thing.

9. What’s your best piece of advice for women out there wanting to live a bolder life?

 It’s a mantra my mum used to say to me every day: “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be yourself”

10. If I said ‘She lived a bold life” what does that mean to you?

She was confident enough to 100% be uniquely herself.

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