Bold Women - Penny Capp

Bold Women - Penny Capp

In the latest installment of our ‘My Skin Story’ series, we sat down with Penny, the face of our May campaign to talk all things BOLD moves, her skin story, and the career journey that got her to where she is today.

Can you tell us a little about your skin story, background, or challenges and what has influenced your skin care routine today?

I would say I have combination skin. I have freckles so I like to use products that help protect and maintain them. I struggle with acne too which started in my late teens. So, for my skin care routine I keep it simple using a serum, daily moisturiser and most importantly sunscreen. Most of my routine has been influenced by tips from my mum, makeup artists that I work with and social media. 

What has given you the courage or confidence to own your skin story or love the skin you're in?

By doing my skin care routine! For me, skincare is a form of self-care and self-love and when I do it, it always brings me that confidence and courage to love my skin.

What does being BOLD mean to you?

To me, being bold is doing something outside of your comfort zone.  

How do you maintain fresh, glowing skin with your busy day-to-day life?

Consistency is key! I maintain fresh, glowing skin by doing my skincare routine at least twice a day and drinking lots of water.

What's your best skin tip?

Drink lots of water and wear sunscreen.

What is the boldest move you have ever made?

The boldest move I have ever made was doing a TED talk. I have a bit of stage fright when it comes to public speaking and getting to do this TED talk about sustainable fashion definitely helped me to overcome that and gain confidence, not to mention it was really fun too!

Could you please tell us about your career journey and where you are now?

My career journey started when I was 15 years old and it has been five years since then and I’ve loved every moment. Modelling has given me a creative space where I can express myself artistically whether it be through clothing, beauty or others. Currently, I’m modelling full time and studying Film and French part time at university. I plan to travel overseas this year for work.

Have you ever had a moment where someone has told you that there is something that can't be done?

No, I’ve always been told that everything is possible if you set your mind to it and believe in yourself.

Having the guts to be bold, to step out, and to own your career journey is something we admire about our ‘Bold Women’. Did you face any setbacks when you started out?

Yes definitely. I feel like setbacks comes with the career that I’m in. You go to so many castings where you end up not getting the job and it is disappointing, but I try not to think of these setbacks as anything personal. I also think that setbacks are a way of pushing forward like the saying “Make one step back to make two steps ahead”. 

What bold moves do you have planned for 2023?

To travel and explore the world and work professionally overseas by myself.

 If you had 10 seconds of insane courage, what would be the boldest move you’d make?

Sky-dive. I’m terrified of heights.

 Lastly, what is your best advice?

Drink water, wear sunscreen and do what makes you happy!

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