Celebrating Madame Baché

Celebrating Madame Baché

Celebrating International Women’s Day we want to take a moment to celebrate Madame Ella Baché herself. Ella was wise, committed and innovative. She pioneered the way for so many women and created an industry that gave us opportunity.

Among skin care cognoscenti a name that crops up consistently is Ella Baché, our brand is widely renowned throughout Australia for quality treatment and a vast range of products, and we have maintained a high profile in the salon and skincare market for over sixty years. A true reflection of the brand that has grown over these years is Madame Ella Baché.

A quiet and private person, Madame Baché was always happiest when creating new lotions and potions. When remarked on her success and longevity in an ever fluctuating world of skincare and cosmetics, Ella would dismiss the compliment.

“The only credentials you need to be a good business women are logic and knowledge. With these, you can succeed at anything”.

As featured in Vogue 1991 the late Ella Baché (then aged in her nineties), was still constantly seeking new knowledge and information. Creating new products she continued to go to work every day. To her, being innovative and creative came naturally and she taught everyone around her to love the spirit of invention. Wisdom, innovation and commitment, she had it all.

Madame Baché was a pioneer in her own right establishing the use of extracts from fruit, tomato and algae to solve specific skin problems. Along with a consultant she conceived and invented the use of Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and firm the skin, it’s an ingredient that is in many cosmetic products today.

Madame Baché passed at age 99 in 1999 but her legacy remains strong. She taught us that there is no age limit when it comes to beauty. She is a grande dame of the cosmetic world that proves that it’s not all skin deep.

Reflecting on all women today Ella Baché hope to empower you to be the best you can be, chase your passion and never stop learning.

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