How to Create Momentum

How to Create Momentum

Are you feeling stuck? In this extract from Bold Moves: How to Stand Up, Step Out, and Make Your Next Bold Move, our CEO Pippa Hallas shares her top 5 tips for creating momentum—whether that’s for a personal project or your own business— and making the most of your 2019.


“I’m best in the morning, so I get started early,” shares Pippa. “In fact, most of this book was written before 7 am. When I realised I had to run a business, look after my family, spend time with my friends, and make sure I exercise —oh, and write a book in three months—the only way I was able to achieve momentum was to carve out an hour a day and keep going at it, day after day after day. The focus and the discipline have helped me to create the momentum to get it done.”


“One of my colleagues at Ella Baché has a great way of approaching things,”Pippa explains. “He re-frames everything from the negative to the positive. We are all only human after all, and we spend a lot of our time solving problems—at home, at work, with the family—so if you have negative thoughts or a negative approach to something you have to do, then turn it on its head and re-frame it. It’s amazing how different the outcome will be.“


“Experiment and have fun along the way. And remember to laugh because you are going to stuff up somewhere on the journey,” Pippa adds. “This is where the greatest lessons come from, even though they are tough at the time. “


“How many times have you been stuck on something, but if you just ‘sleep on it’ you wake up in the morning with a lot more clarity and the ability to solve the problem that seemed unsolvable the day before? While I’m not an expert on sleep and the mind, I have had enough practice to know that sometimes it’s better to wait, sleep on it and let your unconscious mind solve the problem,” Pippa advises. “Try it.“


“I’m an extrovert and I get my energy from others. I know I work best when I collaborate with others on projects and collaboration creates momentum,” says Pippa. “Quite often I will meet a friend or colleague for coffee and ask for their help to get my ideas down on paper and into a framework that I can use to set an end goal. Only you can make it happen and you have to start somewhere but I learn from people around me every day.”

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