Spring Race Ready

Spring Race Ready

Spring races have begun and Ella Baché HQ has put together the perfect skincare routine to have your complexion radiant for the silly season, from flawless make-up to bronzed skin we have you covered!

The Base

The secret to flawless make-up starts with a clean palette and the only way to achieve this is with an effective skincare routine inclusive of cleansing, regular exfoliation, soothing serum and hydrating moisturiser. Each step is vital and as important as the next, this routine is ultimately building upon what will be your best base when it comes to applying your face.

To all the girls out there with flawless make-up you know what we’re talking about, make-up will never settle on dry and lacklustre skin and trust us there is no amount of primer or contouring that will disguise an unhealthy complexion.

The perfect blank canvas starts with a cleanser; this will wipe the skin of any dirt, oils and make-up, clearing the surface of any impurities or blemishes that in turn could affect the application of your make-up.

Serums; the most effective product when it comes to hydrating your complexion; this powerhouse product will have your fine lines smoothed and skin looking radiant within a matter of minutes – they will also leave your make-up looking natural and your complexion feeling hydrated morning to night.

Primer the holy grail of make-up application; we recommend using a skincare based primer when applying as it will also act as your daily moisturiser -  Ella Baché Radiance Elixir will instantly invigorate your complexion and hold your make-up in place for longer. The one step you do not want to miss when it comes to your pre make-up routine!

The Bronze

It’s all about that natural glow this season and there’s no better way to achieve that than with our Ella Baché Great Tan – a moisture rich self tanner that will leave you golden and sun kissed, the perfect accessory to any outfit.


To ensure you make the most out of your tan exfoliate prior to applying and wash your hands immediately after use. Apply an even layer to cool, dry skin with long, smooth strokes allowing 30 minutes before getting dressed. Leave tan on between 4-6 hours and you will develop a sunless bronzed glow.

So kick start your skincare routine, apply a little fake tan and thank us later!

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