Spring Skin

Spring Skin

Spring has sprung!

And while we’re all looking forward to warmer days and longer nights the change in season can wreak havoc upon our skin. With the arrival of a new season it’s the perfect time to change up your skincare regime. At Ella Bache HQ, we’re advocates of switching our skincare to suit the season and incorporating new products adapted to your skins developing needs is imperative.

 We’ve put together a list of simple beauty tips and tricks that can work wonders on your complexion, so it’s time to spring clean your way to a clearer looking complexion.


Exfoliation is vital in your skincare routine as it gently removes dead skin cells that have built up on the outer layer of your skin, seasonal changes will also increasingly dehydrate the skin which may leave your complexion looking lacklustre. Ella Bache’s Refining Exfoliating Gel is a soft exfoliant that contains natural cranberry seeds to manually exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving your complexion revitalised and radiant, working to prevent skin dryness.


Something that needs to be maintained all year round, it is imperative for your complexion to always ensure that you apply SPF giving yourself protection against UVA and UVB rays. We often forget just how harsh the Australian climate is and the damage it can cause to your complexion so to prevent any further damage or premature ageing add a SPF 50+ to your skincare routine every morning.


The powerhouse product that should be adapted to everybody’s skincare regime, not only is it vital for optimal skin health but it will also protect your complexion with enriching antioxidants for maximum absorption and penetration, Ella Baché experts recommend our Hydra Hyaluronic Cellular Serum designed to treat your skin from the inside out. 

If you do begin to notice changes in your skin during the seasonal change or you are finding your skin is increasingly lacklustre, visit one of our Salons or David Jones Counters for a skin diagnosis. Our qualified therapists can customise a facial treatment and home care skin solution based on the condition of your skin.

At Ella Baché our aim is to educate our clients on individually tailored solutions based on our in depth knowledge of the skin and its functions. To ensure you are receiving the right treatment we do recommend a seasonal skin diagnosis and regular treatments in salon - your skin will thank you forever.

Book your appointment now with our industry leading beauty therapists to discuss your change of season skincare routine.

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