3 Winter Fixes for Amazing Skin by Summer

3 Winter Fixes for Amazing Skin by Summer

You’ve heard it before: Summer skin is made in winter. And while quick skin fixes definitely exist, true change that happens on a cellular level takes time to be visible in the mirror. Here, three moves you can make now to get your skin in amazing shape by summer.

Kick Start Your Collagen

I find spending an extra 20 minutes under the LED at the end of a treatment makes such a difference to my skin,” says our CEO Pippa. “It literally transforms my skin and I always receive lots of compliments afterwards.”

LED Light therapy can create the change you want to see in your complexion. LED painlessly penetrates the skin at different layers, stimulating cellular activity and the fibroblasts that produce collagen. Results are cumulative which is why committing to a series of sessions during winter can make a visible difference by summer. Blue light helps to destroy acne-causing bacteria making it ideal to clear up congested or acne-prone skins while red light can noticeably improve the signs of premature ageing by stimulating your natural collagen, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and leaving your skin plump, noticeably perfected, and luminous.

Better still, LED is particularly effective when paired with another resurfacing treatment such as microdermabrasion or IPL, calming and healing the skin while reducing any resulting redness or inflammation. Trust us, there is nothing like the complexion-boosting effect of Double The Power LED + Microdermabrasion Treatment: a combination of LED light therapy and microdermabrasion to refine, resurface, and restore your natural radiance.

Ask about our LED Booster: one of our many High-Performance Boosters you can add onto your favourite skin treatment to address specific concerns. Find your nearest Ella Baché salon here.

Get Your Summer Body Ready

Hair removal is one of those beauty To-Dos that are best ticked off during the cooler months. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments are a great alternative to waxing with less pain and more effective, long-term results. IPL uses a broad-spectrum, high-intensity light at multiple wavelengths to destroy the root of the hair. It works best in Autumn and Winter when your skin is at its palest; the light targets the hair pigment to disrupt growth so it’s most effective when there’s a bigger contrast between your hair and skin pigment. IPL works particularly well for larger patches of hair like the arms and legs but you’ll need multiple sessions spaced a few weeks apart to see progress.

Ask about our Winter IPL promotion: with our Smooth Skin From Head to Toe offer you receive up to 30% off your IPL Hair Removal when you purchase a series of three or more sessions. Find your nearest Ella Baché salon here.

Press ‘Pause’ on Premature Ageing

Some of the most visible signs of premature ageing (think pigmentation, lack of radiance, and an uneven skin tone) can take time to treat. And now is the season to take action; while Summer’s pigment gains show up on your skin’s surface and your complexion is looking and feeling dry and dehydrated. A monthly professional skin treatment such as Stop The Clock will help to address those unwanted signs of ageing and the toll that Winter can take on your skin.


This 10-step facial utilises the healing and regenerative powers of Spirulina. Not only does this blue-green Algae help to detox the skin but it boasts powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects to counter free-radicals and protect against environmental aggressors. Fortified with minerals and amino acids, Spirulina also helps to boost collagen and strengthen elasticity which results in skin that appears refined, rejuvenated, and recharged.

To maintain the rejuvenating results of your professional treatment for longer, support your skin at home with the Ella Baché SpiruLines range.

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