Your Step-By-Step Guide To Sun Care This Spring

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Sun Care This Spring

As the summer season approaches, we’re here to preach the holy grail of SPF. We all know the importance of using SPF every day, but did you know about Ella Baché’s Sun Care Range that doubles as skin care?


Loaded with skin loving ingredients, these SPF rich products will leave you feeling protected, glowing, and hydrated… and dare I say, from beach to bar.


Our unique formulas have shown incredible results for sun protection, reducing signs of premature aging, whilst nourishing, glowing, and smoothing ingredients will allow your skin to feel loved while being protected from harmful UVA & UVB rays.  


Its true, sun protection is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your complexion from premature signs of ageing, whilst ensuring the barrier function stays at optimal health, which might I add, is no easy feat during these hot summer, festive months. So, to ensure you make the most of your complexion we recommend incorporating our Sun Care Range into your everyday routine, reaping the rewards, you can thank us later.

Active Face Great SPF50+ Lotion

Our 4-hour water resistant formu la provides the BEST protection for active lifestyles,blended with Green Tea and Kakadu Plum Extract, your skin will be radiant and ultimately protected. A lotion that is light weight in texture allows for it to be easily layered, working underneath your daily foundation or over the top of your moisture protective.


Suncover Great SPF50+ Foundation  

Acting as sun protection and makeup in one, this light and moisture rich formula provides SPF50 while simultaneously creating a flawless complexion. The nourishing and youthful ingredients of Green Tea Antioxidants, Jojoba and Lanolin comfort the skin while providing protection from UVA and UVB rays;apply the same as you would foundation and glow all day long!


Superfluid Great SPF50+  


For those after a light-coverage and a natural glow, our famous Superfluid Great SPF50+ is you’re new go-to. With 4-hour water resistance, this skin tint will give you radiance and protection while staying put throughout the day, a superfluid that can be used alone or as a primer base, it allows for a completely radiant complexion.

Active Lotion Great SPF50+


Our water sport and gym approved lotion provides active 4-hour sun protection to the body and face; formulated with nourishing Lanolin, Macadamia Nut Oil and Squaleneyour skin will be left feeling plump, hydrated, and protected. Non-greasy and light, thisunique formula makes for an easy application.

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