Aggressive & Inflammatory Quick Fix Treatments, Are They Really Worth It?

Aggressive & Inflammatory Quick Fix Treatments, Are They Really Worth It?

The modern day consumer is faced with a plethora of new machinery, surgical interventions and topical preparations that promise fast, even immediate results. It’s important to be discerning, however, as there is little research available on the long term side effects that many of these procedures have on your skin.

 Knowledge Creates Results That Last

One thing we do know is that every time your skin experiences inflammation, internal biological reactions take place that release free radicals and stimulate enzymes. These enzymes break down the collagen and elastin networks that are vital to your skins health. The more long-term or repetitive the inflammation on the skin, the more damaging it can be. Most individuals don’t realize that chronic, long term inflammation on the skins surface can actually accelerate the ageing process, and can contribute to post inflammatory hyper pigmentation and permanent sensitivity. 

Aggressive and inflammatory quick fix treatments, such as derma rolling/miconeedling, fractional ablative and continuous ablative laser treatments and  low pH chemical peels,  are often achieving a quick fix to solve an immediate problem. The downside to that quick fix is that, as well as causing inflammation that can lead to premature ageing and other skin problems, these procedures are expensive, involve a level of discomfort or pain, and necessitate a period of healing.

To enjoy optimum skin health, ensure that you minimise or, better still, eliminate skin inflammation to maintain a healthy barrier function. We have long adhered to a simple mantra: “knowledge creates results that last”. Our products and treatments are formulated to support the skin and nurture it to its best ever health and, as such, we avoid using ingredients that are excessively abrasive. While our formulations effectively target a wide range of skin concerns, we have always ensured that we achieve our results without causing inflammation or damage to the skin.

The importance of maintaining a tailored and sustained skincare routine, and taking care of your overall health cannot be understated. It might sound obvious, but take care of your skin and you can effectively prevent most of the problems that could drive you to explore surgical or invasive options later down the track. Undergo a complimentary skin diagnosis to understand what is happening under your skins surface, and use products and treatments that target your problem areas and address your individual needs.

At Ella Baché we have formulated a range of signature facials that are designed to do just this- a few of our treatment options include;

Signature Facial Treatment

Your skin constantly changes. Age, diet, stress, hormones and environmental influences are just a few factors that can affect the skin’s functioning. That’s why Ella Baché created tailored facial treatments, targeting specific skincare concerns. Each combines a series of products prescribed to achieve a desired result within the skin.

Eternal Regenerating Facial Treatment

Designed to firm, repair and correct the signs of ageing with a unique toning massage. With the use of concentrated serums and firming peel masks your skin is left feeling ultimately rejuvenated.

Hydra Cellular Renewal Treatment

An intense moisturising facial treatment that saturates dehydrated and extremely dry skins with hyaluronic acid to visibly refine and revive skin texture.

SpiruLines Lifting Facial Treatment

An invigorating treatment delivering clarity and visible lifting results. Spirulina rich in life essential elements, targets fine lines and restores elasticity. The lift off mask intensely tones, tightens and brightens. Skin is visibly smoothed and recharged.

For knowledge that creates results that last see your highly trained Ella Baché therapist to discover how you can step up your individual skincare routine and nurture your skin with everything it needs to stay strong, healthy and invasive free

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