Beautiful Skin From AM To PM

Beautiful Skin From AM To PM

The problem with having a bad night’s sleep? It shows! A good sleeping pattern has everything to do with your circadian rhythm – the 24 hour cycle that’s governed by your body clock. It helps determine our sleeping and feeding patterns, hormone production and cell regeneration. In a nutshell, our skin behaves very differently during the day than it does at night and if you upset that rhythm, it can leave your complexion looking less than healthy and lacklustre. Therefore you need to aid your skin day and night to keep it happy and glowing 24/7.


Your body knows the triggers that causes stress on the skin so it starts the day in defense mode. As well as having to battle against our inner emotions like stress, it also has to defend itself against elements like pollution in the air and dangerous UV rays.  And if that’s not enough, the body also acts as a defense from our own bad habits too, like smoking, poor diet and caffeine. Sounds like hard work, right? To help our bodies out, we have put together a little preparation plan packed with antioxidants to assist the skin in its daily defense!


Radiance C Antioxidant Defence Mist – This mist contains a hydration cocktail of skin defending antioxidants with a blend of Vitamin C, tomato, pomegranate and white tea extracts to help neutralize free radicals and defend skin against the daily grind. Use first thing in the morning to protect against environmental evils and keep skin plumped and hydrated.


Radiance C Ampoules – A treatment serum which contains a high concentration of Vitamin C, Tomato, White Tea and Pomegranate all designed to help fight against free radicals. As well as protecting your complexion from the environment, it contains protein liposomal peptides helping to activate the cells regenerative function.


The most important step in the AM preparation plan is protection. Exposure to UV will speed up the ageing process and rapidly dehydrate and damage the skin therefore showing deeper fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.


Although your mind might switch off as soon as your head hits the pillow, your skin cells are going into overdrive, producing healthy cells and repairing damaged ones.  Although it’s not in defense mode, your skin becomes warmer at night, loses more water and has a slightly more acidic PH, leaving it dehydrated. The water content of skin has a circadian rhythm too. Water and glycerol are key components of skin hydration, which is key to maintain a protective barrier against dehydration. Give your skin the best chance at rejuvenating itself with a hydrating evening skin routine. After cleansing to remove dirt and make-up, replenish your skin with a nourishing serum and moisturiser containing leaving your skin feeling protected and nourished restoring the skins dewy complexion and elasticity.


Hydra Repair Balm

This intense-action skin repair balm treats dehydrated zones on the face, leaving skin with a surge of moisture.

SensiBeautics Intensive Recovery Serum

Rich in antioxidants with Vitamins A, D & E that heal, strengthen and nourish the skin, all the while mositurising and restoring the skins dewy complexion and elasticity.

To ensure you have your skin glowing from AM to PM visit one of our skin therapists for a complimentary consultation and skin diagnosis.

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