Celebrating World Environment Day

Celebrating World Environment Day

Today Ella Baché acknowledges the importance of World Environment day. Plastic pollution poses significant challenges to both the environment and the skincare industry.

Ella Baché derive our ingredients from natural resources, many of which can be affected by environmental pollution. By working towards a plastic-free environment, we hope to support and continue to preserve nature and protect the resources we depend on to formulate our results driven skincare.

Our Commitment

At Ella Baché, we have adopted sustainable plastic free packaging across all of our shipping materials. Where possible we have removed single use packaging, opting for glass jars and recyclable product packaging.
We continue to innovate and explore alternative materials, develop new formulations to minimise plastic usage, and invest in sustainable practices throughout our supply chain.  

Sustainable Skincare

Our A-beauty range not only enable your skin to glow, but also create a more sustainably conscious future, with ingredients that are locally sourced and grown, right here on our Australian shores.

With nearly 70 years of providing results driven skincare, Ella Baché’s heritage is backed by generations of research, formulating products with the use of all natural botanical ingredients, offering skin radiance, whilst protecting the environment around us and championing our local manufacturers that are key to rolling out our coveted Botanical range.

Let us introduce you to our favorite local ingredients leading our ‘Australian Made’ beauty movement here

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