Warmer days and longer nights are fast approaching, and its time to give our skin the post winter glow up it truly deserves.

Let us introduce you to the power of double exfoliation. A dynamic duo designed to speed up cellular renewal, whilst increasing vitality of the skin. But it doesn’t end there, with the right products working on the base of the complexion it allows for your follow-on skincare routine to absorb into the deepest layers of the skin.

So, follow along, as we delve into the dynamic duo that is taking the double exfoliation world by storm.

Ella Baché Resurfacing Peel

An innovation that takes the ‘pain out of the peel’ with an intensive blend of AHA ingredients that gently resurface the skin without leaving your complexion irritated or inflamed. And it gets better, enriched with a blend of antioxidants this resurfacing peel is designed to hydrate and resurface the skin, whilst leaving it completely revitalised and radiant.

What makes it work?

Enriched with Hydroxy Acids the resurfacing peel deeply exfoliates the skin allowing it to refine the texture and promote cell renewal, all while clarifying the complexion. Blended with Organic Apple Vinegar, your pores will instantly reduce in size and your skin is left instantly revitalised and hydrated with Green Tea, providing an antioxidant rich soothing effect.

Therapist tip: Trial the peel once a week for a month, followed by exfoliation twice a month (this is where your dynamic duo comes in), and watch your skin reveal instant vitality. Texture is smooth, pores are tightened, skin cells are renewed, with fine lines and wrinkles reduced. Boasting a complexion that is plump and hydrated, sign us up!



Ella Baché Refining Exfoliating Gel

A refining exfoliating gel blended with natural cranberry seeds it works by manually exfoliating dead skin cells to regenerate, brighten and smooth for a radiant complexion; enriched with a suite of plant-based oils this exfoliator ensures your skin maintains natural moisture levels, preventing dehydration.

What makes it work?

Enriched with a cocktail of premium and naturally active ingredients of Omega 6&9, Cranberry Seeds, and Tomato Powder it gently washes away dead skin cells, whilst clarifying the complexion, with a gel like texture your skin is instantly revitalised with an intensified glow.

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