Ella Baché Adds To Its Clean A-Beauty Repertoire With Re-Formulated Floral Oil

Ella Baché Adds To Its Clean A-Beauty Repertoire With Re-Formulated Floral Oil

Say hello to the holy grail of soft, supple, and deliciously scented skin…

Right now, we are currently sitting in the depths of winter, and I don’t know about you guys, but my skin has copped a beating.

Whilst I meticulously partake in what feels like a 15-step routine for my complexion I must admit that I tend to forget about the body care side of things, and more often than not treat it as a slap and go type of relationship.  

Well, no longer is that the case. Incorporating Ella Baché’s re-formulated luxe oil into my express body care ritual has seen my skin go from lacklustre and dry, to completely radiant, and this time its from head to toe. The added bonus? With a unique blend of scented floral oils, it leaves your skin beautifully fragrant!

“With a core focus to shift our products to clean beauty, Ella Baché’s cult Floral Oil Face & Body Cleansing Oil has now been reformulated with your comfort and the environment in mind – free from Parabens and Mineral Oils.” Explains CEO, Pippa Hallas.

“Reformulated and made here in Australia, this luxe multi-purpose oil is uniquely blended with Safflower and Vitamin E antioxidants that offer anti-inflammatory properties, whilst rebalancing the skins barrier function. Perfect for dry and combination skin, and loved by those with sensitivities, this nourishing and efficacious cleansing oil washes away pollutants from the daily grind, whilst replenishing the skin and preventing skin dryness.” Says Pippa.

So, with your body care ritual becoming just as paramount as your skincare routine we suggest you read on as we map out 5 minutes of self-care that will have your skin thanking you!




Whilst its 10 degrees outside there is really nothing better than warming up in a scolding hot shower, or better yet a bath. And this right here is where the newly formulated Ella Baché Floral Oil comes in - light, delicately textured and beautifully fragrant. Designed to sweep away surface impurities, whilst also intensely hydrating the body, simply add 1-2 pumps into bathwater or whilst you’re in the shower – acting as a second skin it imparts a silky-smooth protective veil – leaving your body feeling hydrated and protected.




When it comes to turning back the clock on our skin, Ella Baché Water Source Moisturising Body Cream is your new go-to. Providing the ultimate in smoothing and soothing this luxurious body cream drenches the skin in intense moisture and nourishment, leaving it velvety soft and supple. Enriched with Lanolin and Peanut Oil it offers the skin protection and revitalisation and has the ability to hydrate even the most dehydrated skins.


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