In Celebration of World Health Day

In Celebration of World Health Day

If the last two years has taught us anything, it is the importance of taking care of ourselves, and our health both physically and mentally.

So, in celebration of World Health Day, we take a moment to reflect on the past two years and pay thanks to our bodies for allowing us to enjoy the moments in life we so often take for granted.

And it is here, that we introduce you to Sydney based Nutritionist Greta Rose, with a sustainable practice that circles back to holistic solutions tailored to the individuals needs, she is fostering a movement in healthy bodies and minds, one client at a time.

With her self-care tips championing the art of rest, nourishing foods, nature and a 2 week ‘digitox’, she ensures you stay consistent, skipping out on ‘fads’ and instead adapting a new way of life. So, pour yourself a cuppa, and take a moments peace to read on. I certainly hope you take away some key lessons, and if anything, let it be a gentle reminder to stop, and take a moment to breath and reset.

1. The lost art of rest:

We have an intriguing relationship with rest. On the one hand, we know it's good for us. But often we see it as a 'waste of time' or it leaves us feeling guilty and regretful. The negative approach to relaxation goes all the way back to ancient times. Greek philosophers taught us to consider 'idleness' as a sin or a disease of the soul. Today's society is filled with a population that is constantly busy doing! A community that does not emphasise rest. However, the positive benefits of rest measure far beyond the benefits of actually doing! Make sure you practice the lost art of resting by taking a bath, booking a massage, sauna, reading, writing or painting. They will all reduce the stress hormone cortisol and allow your body to stop and finally rest.

2. Move away from foods that aren't serving you:

Eating well is one of the highest forms of self-care! When my patients start to present with feelings of fatigue, being run-down, having weight gain or general feelings of being unwell, it's usually the time to prescribe very personalised food as a form of self-care. Everyone is different regarding what foods are suitable for their individual needs or individual bodies, so I encourage getting professional support in navigating this. However, here are a few foods I want to highlight:

  • Coffee is great! But if you feel stressed, adrenally fatigued, or run-down, coffee can fuel the fire. Try dandelion tea as an alternative.
  • Alcohol; although it may calm the nervous system, encourage relaxation and is usually had in a social setting, does have some negative effects. Try opting for kombucha or an alcohol-free alternative.
  • High sugar and processed foods often leave us feeling flat, unnourished and searching for real food. A high intake of sugar will spike your blood glucose levels, making you feel more fatigued and increasing your sugar cravings further. Opt for low-sugar snacks such as nuts, cheese, low-sugar protein bars, or eggs to fuel your body.

3. Do a 2 week social media detox:

We are all familiar with the mindless 3-hour scroll through social media accounts, usually ending up on random accounts filled with videos of cats pushing things off tables. Although social media keeps us well connected and up to date with our friends, families and loved ones, a long time on accounts often leads to self-comparison, loneliness, fear, anger, anxiety and depression. Social media has become highly successful by playing on human psychology and our need for connection. It increases our naturally occurring "feel good" chemical dopamine. Every time we receive a like, comment or notification, our dopamine spikes, giving us that pleasure sensation. But we can very quickly become addicted to that feeling, so that we need to spend more time on social media to receive the same response. Stepping away from social media for 2 weeks will help reduce the adverse side effects, make you more productive, reduce your stress response, and help your dopamine levels settle back down to healthy levels.

4. Prioritise sleep:

We have all felt the effect of a poor night's sleep. The fatigue, short temper, lack of focus and poor eating patterns inevitably follow. So, how many of us are really prioritising a good night's sleep? Sleep researchers have found that we can go without food and water for over a week; however, our bodies can not cope more than 42 hours without a good night's rest. A poor night's sleep is also one of the leading causes of a range of health conditions, and a lack of adequate sleep over time has been associated with a shortened lifespan. We need to focus more on quality sleep as a form of self-care. Whether that means getting to bed earlier, taking TVs, computers and phones out of the bedroom or reducing alcohol, coffee, exercise and sugar before bedtime. If sleep is an ongoing issue for you, I encourage you to speak to a health practitioner to find a suitable solution.

5. Spend time surrounded by nature.

A large scale international research study published in 2018, researched 134 different countries and over 18,000 responses on what helps people rest. The global report listed 10 activities that give us the highest relaxation and self-care. Claudia Hammond, a health journalist, summarised these in her book, The Art of Rest. Spending time surrounded by nature was found to be in the top two. You have all felt it; nature soothes us. It has the ability to heal the mind, calm racing thoughts and make sense of the world. Whether swimming in the ocean, walking in the bush, sitting in a park or listening to a flowing river, find what feels good for you and do more of it!


We also sat down with our National Training Manager, Gina, to chat about her top tips on keeping your skin glowing on the outside all year round.

1. Radiance and Glowing skin start with correct cleansing. Restore and balance the skin’s natural acidity and barrier function is the key to every other product and ingredient having the right effect on your skin. Recommend: Botanical Cleansing Oil to nourish and replenish followed by Ella Baché Prescribed cleanser

2. Revealing Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant to remove dry surface dead skin cells while also brightening and balancing the skin




3. Neobright Correcting Serum brightens and adds luminosity

4. Spritz with Radiance C Mist – packed with antioxidants and vitamin C for extra radiance – it also greatly assists with serum absorption in to the skin where the active ingredients their work

5. Follow with Neobright Day Cream or Night Cream

Weekly : treat the skin with extra Glow –
Instant Glow Mask!




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