Layering Your Skincare

Layering Your Skincare

Ask any serious skin fanatic and they will tell you that the hard and fast rule of phenomenal skin is serum. Serums take a double the dose of active ingredients and propel them to the deepest layers of the skin where cells are young and receptive. This is where the magic happens, so whilst your moisturiser is busy comforting outer layers of skin, serums are ultra-fine in consistency and delve deep to transform the foundations.

Just as no two skins are alike, no one skin is alike all the time - in fact this writer's skin boasts several personalities on a good day. Skin can be a mixture of dehydrated, dull and prematurely aged all at once and every ailment requires its own special attention concurrently. Thankfully women are multitaskers, so when it comes to the art compounding skincare, we’re naturals.

You guessed it - there’s a serum to address all your concerns and you’ll love layering, partitioning, even mixing them into your favourite moisturiser to reinvent results. With no sticky residue or tackiness, you can name your number when it comes to the ease of undetectable layering, all whilst keeping your makeup in check. Once you’ve experienced the mega-force behind our most famed and intensive concentrates, your skin will never be the same again…and you’ll thank us for it!

So, you may be wondering where serums fit into your regime.. and which goes first if you’re using more than one. When it comes to multitasking skincare, the trick is to prioritise your targets and apply products in order of viscosity. This means that concentrates go on fresh-faced as they are the finest in texture and penetrate deepest, followed by moisturiser and repair oils that are much heavier.

Serums are highly compatible, so you can use multiple in tandem to treat different areas of the face accordingly, or begin by targeting your greatest concern overall. There is limited intercellular space, so fill up on the most important serum first and follow with a secondary serum to take care of subsequent concerns. TIP: Make the most of any old “blah” moisturiser you have floating around at home by mixing in one or more facial serums on application for optimal performance.

It’s important to support skin round the clock, so book in with an Ella Baché Skin Expert here to draft a rotating serum roster that suits your skin perfectly.

So, whether you’re new to serums or in need of an advanced booster to get you out of a sticky skin spot, you’ll be pleased to know that a 15ml luxe size serum is yours with any two Ella Baché skincare products. This is the best way to experiment with multifaceted skin targeting and introduce your first (or second) serum into your regime for a sneak preview.


Power couple of the moment are the Eternal+ Sculpting and NeoBright Correcting Serums for those concerned with drastically smoothing, sculpting, plumping and brightening skin in one fell swoop.

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