Learn What Your Skin Loves This Winter

Learn What Your Skin Loves This Winter

Formerly a beauty therapist and salon owner, Ella Baché’s National Trainer Gina Cook shares her industry knowledge, helping us to learn what our skin loves to feel confident in our skin.

Seasonal change, particularly in winter months, has the most impact on our skin which can often result in a visible change in texture and appearance. When the climate changes, it can compromise the skin’s natural protective barrier function leaving it prone to flaking, cracking and sensitivity. Cooler temperatures and air conditioning (or our trusty heaters) can leave skin dehydrated, resulting in a flat, dull complexion. With these factors, the skin can start to reveal signs of ageing such as wrinkles, loss of firmness and uneven skin tone.

1. Why does our skin become dry during winter?

A lower sebum production in the winter months leaves the skin more vulnerable. This means that your skin can become more prone to irritation and appear dull, dry and flaky or rough in texture. Dry skin can also become dehydrated due to its inability to retain moisture until skin’s barrier function is restored.

2. What can we do to keep our skin healthy?

Hydration and exfoliation are important steps to keeping the skin smooth and protected during winter months.

Exfoliation is vital to lifting away dead skin cells and revealing a brighter, naturally glowing complexion. Removing dead skin cells increases the physical penetration of moisture treatments and ingredients through the lipids in the intercellular cement, smoothing the skin’s appearance and restoring luminosity.

3.What do you recommend for winter hydration?

With a light formulation, serums are the perfect winter treatment booster. They include active ingredients designed to penetrate the deeper layers of the epidermis allowing for targeted release into the skin as well as to alleviate and protect against winter skin conditions.  

For a home care treatment, and to achieve rapid results in treating dryness and dehydration, apply a serum after double exfoliation.

4. Which Ella Baché products do you recommend?

To treat winter dullness and lack lustre skin, I recommend the NeoBright Correcting Serum. If you are also addressing fine lines and firmness, then you could layer this with the Spirulines Wrinkle Correcting Serum which helps to re-charge the skin with proteins, vitamins and minerals.

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