Our 15 Minute Self-Care Ritual

Our 15 Minute Self-Care Ritual

In the depths of winter, we tend to bunker down and hibernate, and if there is one thing that we can agree on - it’s that we are all guilty of spending more time than we care to acknowledge indoors under the warm layers of our beds.

With Netflix series a-plenty you may be wondering what the point is, leaving your comforting cosy space for ice cold winds and freezing temperatures outdoors. But as you know… an increase in blue light activity (e.g. staring at our phones and televisions all day) can cause detriment to our skin and can increase the risk of premature ageing. So, it's time to peel back the layers, listen to a podcast, get your body moving… and indulge in some much-needed self-care.


The first step to your new feel-good movement is including a weekly mask, not just for the very visible instant gratification, but for what it delivers to your skin. By re-conditioning with a results-driven mask, you’re enabling not only your complexion, but the rest of your products to reap the benefits too, with their ability to absorb into the deepest layers of the skin, the results speak for themselves.

But, before we get started you’ve heard us say this before – in order for the products to truly work their magic we must ensure that our skin is rid of surface impurities and dead skin cells. We recommend you to our humble exfoliant, with the power to push your favourite treatment mask to greater heights as it will refine the skin's top layer, leaving a perfectly polished canvas.

The prep work...

Try our Revealing Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant, enriched with enzymes of Papaya and Pineapple it literally eats away at dead skin cells without the use of harsh and abrasive granules. Feel the benefits of smoother skin as this exfoliant gently refines and brightens the skin when added to your skincare ritual once a week.

*When partaking in a weekly exfoliation we recommend using an SPF daily to ensure the skin is protected – and we're talking all year round, so pull your favourite SPF to the front of your skincare line up - your complexion will thank you later for it.

For skin needing a
hydration boost...

Thirst quenching
and silky smooth, our
Hydra Extreme Plumping Mask
has been formulated to literally bathe the skin in moisture. Ingredients of Hydraline and Rosehip Seed Oil allow for the product to penetrate the skin at a cellular level, restoring suppleness and elasticity. Your complexion will feel silky smooth and full of moisture.

For skin needing strengthening...

Our Charcoal Foaming Mask
is one of those innovations that you can’t live without. A cellulose sheet mask rich in activated charcoal, it detoxifies, oxygenates and cleanses the skin while ingredients of fruit-derived AHAs and Glycolic Acid refine and soften the complexion.

*Allow ten minutes for the mask to foam up, ensuring that it has drawn out all surface impurities. Complete your skincare ritual by applying our Defence+ Antioxidant Cream which will restore the skin's natural barrier defence, whilst ultimately hydrating and nourishing.



And, while you're waiting for your mask to deliver premium results – feed your mind with our favourite podcasts to complete your Sunday self-care ritual.

The Goop – Because anything Gwyneth Paltrow talks about is the holy grails.

You Beauty – Because beauty expert Leigh Campbell has created a space for open, honest conversations about all aspects of beauty.

TED TALKS – Because education, knowledge, and mindfulness tools.

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