Pore Perfection

Pore Perfection

The introduction of magnifying mirrors sent us into a pore crazed frenzy, and although nobody likes them, unfortunately we all have them. They are essential to our skins DNA and how to attend to them may remain a mystery for many, but here at Ella Baché HQ we have created a comprehensive guide to combat the mighty pore.

Lessons on Pores

Put simply, a pore is a pathway for our glands to release necessary oils and without them your skin would be left feeling dry and irritated. The size of the pore is mostly pre-determined with genetics playing a tremendous role, but the sun and the natural ageing process will also take a significant toll.

The question on everybody’s mind, can you actually shrink the size of your pores? Not exactly. But adapting a routine that ensures you remove all oil, bacteria, and build up from your make-up will assist in significantly diminishing the appearance. We’ve all heard claims that your pores will open and close with hot or cold water; unfortunately they’re not like an elevator door.

Maintenance is key.

Although we said you can’t shrink the size of your pores, you can in fact assist them (along with your overall complexion) to maintain optimum skin health. Stick with us, we’ll teach you the perfect guide to pore perfection.


A thorough cleansing routine is not only essential for your overall skin health, but will also ensure it keeps your pores in perfect condition. Cleansers keep your pores wiped away of any bacterial or product build up which is the perfect breeding ground for a clogged pore. We recommend changing your cleanser seasonally as your skin needs will change with the weather.


While your instinct may be to scrub at your pores, granular exfoliants are not always the way to go. In fact, they tend to leave your skin feeling taught and lacklustre – including harsh effects on sensitive skin. Gentle exfoliants will assist in the rejuvenating process while gently removing the toxin build up, a routine scrub should be completed on a weekly basis.


The ideal pore-friendly routine should consist of a combination of anti-ageing ingredients that support collagen production, plus other agents in Vitamin A & B that will help break down the pores. Hyaluronic Acid will also intensely hydrate pores keeping them in tip-top shape – this active ingredient helps plump the skins surface, smoothes wrinkles and fine lines leaving you with a youthful appearance.

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