Summer Skin Saviours You Need In Your Skincare Routine

Summer Skin Saviours You Need In Your Skincare Routine

A summer skin ritual is the ultimate essential to keep your skin fresh faced and radiant all season long. Saying goodbye to La Nina has meant we can now (finally) spend the best parts of summer outdoors, meaning its time to take our complexion protection up a notch, the approach? Less is more, allowing our skin to reap the benefits of multi-functional skincare that offers SPF protection and a natural, golden glow.


Now, when we talk a golden glow, we mean one that comes out of a bottle, ladies, don’t be fooled by sunkissed tresses and tanlines. Without proper protection, your skin will experience accelerated sun damage and ageing – we’re talking dehydration, sunspots, wrinkles… the works. So, to combat this, our sun-safe glow up begins with the holy grail of facial SPF protection, Superfluid Great SPF50+.

A 3-in-1 the Superfluid protects, perfects and illuminates, replacing primer, foundation, and sunscreen all in one sweeping motion. Silky and weightless in texture the product acts as a second skin, whilst enriching the complexion with a blend of Australian exclusives such as Kakadu Plum Extract.


The perfect summer skin saviours are the ones that do the heavy lifting with minimal work, and our Extreme Regeneration Mask promises to do just that. Blended with a suite of over-achieving ingredients that include Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Aloe Vera, this bio-cellulose sheet mask infuses the skin with hydration loving ingredients that powerfully plumps, sculpts, and leaves a dewiness within the complexion that boasts healthy and hydrated skin. Simply smooth the sheet mask over freshly cleansed skin and allow up to 15 minutes for absorption, the ultimate post beach, pre bar glow up you will want to have one of these masks handy all throughout the festive season!


The ability to re-fresh and kickstart our complexion all throughout the day with a few simple spritzers of our Daily Hydration Mist is second to none. Yes, the convenience is outstanding but the results even more so – your pre-make-up hydration and your post make-up radiance enhancer this MVP will keep your skin illuminated from AM to PM and everywhere in between. With cooling and soothing Witch Hazel and instantly refreshing hydration loving Hyaluronic Acid the complexion is left instantly revitalised.

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