The Art of Glowing Skin

The Art of Glowing Skin

This festive season, we’re celebrating the Art of Glowing Skin with the help of celebrated Melbourne-based artist, Kerry Armstrong.

Kerry’s feminine confidence and style echoes the fundamentals of our own philosophy, making her the perfect choice for a collaboration entitled ‘The Art of Glowing Skin’.

Leaving behind her successful corporate career due to illness, Kerry let go of self misconceptions and focused solely on taking her art to a professional level. Kerry’s autobiographical works are often huge expanses of linen, deeply laden with oil paint and ask not to be seen, but to be gently read and felt.  

Working with only the finest Belgian linen, Kerry’s work consists of layers of overt textures that provide substance and plot, with episodes of a life that at first seem carefree and whimsical, but soon reveal themselves to be the actualisation of a more compelling story.

For Ella Baché, Kerry pays tribute to the potential of femininity, a perfect backdrop for the festive season. “I actually see the canvas as a beautiful skin. I leave areas of pure, bare linen so it can be appreciated and provide contrast and drama within my work, it’s simply too beautiful to completely cover up.”

At Ella Baché, the skin experts who work with our customers are 100% committed to helping women feel confident in their own skin. They teach them what brings out the best in their skin and create personalised skin solutions for maximum effect, and maximum glow.

Our customers tell us they want natural-looking, flawless complexions, so they can bare it all and expose the masterpiece of their real skin to the world. We help them achieve that by ensuring they are prepared with the confidence to reveal that special radiance of natural beautiful skin.

Ella Baché’s beautiful products and custom designed skincare programs have been given a new life with uniquely stunning colour, just in time for the festive season. Whether you arrive brandishing a perfectly tasteful gift or simply treat yourself to a special summertime glow – you too can celebrate the Art of Ella Baché this year.

“Kerry’s story of authenticity and creativity is one that really resonates with us at Ella Baché. Her boldness makes me think about the adventure of Ella Baché and the family, one that is close to my heart as I am Ella’s great niece and CEO. Sharing stories of these Bold Moves in life, particularly for women, often empowers other women around owning their own voice and choices.” – Pippa Hallas, CEO Ella Baché.

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