The New Mask That Is More Than Just Instant Gratification

The New Mask That Is More Than Just Instant Gratification

In both the worlds of Instagram and skin care, masks have been enjoying more than just a moment. Advances in technology and ingredient efficacy have made these at-home facial treatments more effective than ever before at providing both an instant and longer-lasting effect on the skin. In just ten minutes at home, you can transform your skin in both look and feel.

The Latest and Greatest

The types of skin-refining masks available include cream, gel, clay, and paper sheets. But one of the most impressive technologies of late is the cellulose mask. Thanks to its unique, plant-derived texture, the way it sits on the skin, and its powers of penetration, many believe that the results of just 5-10 minutes wearing this mask come close to rivalling a professional mask treatment.

This month, we’re excited to launch our new Ella Baché Charcoal Foaming Mask featuring innovative cellulose technology.


A Second Skin

Hugging the face like a second skin, cellulose masks settle into the folds of the skin and create an occlusive barrier which allows the ultra-fine fibres to deliver the active ingredients into the skin, allowing for them to be more readily absorbed where they’re needed most. In fact, absorption properties of cellulose masks have been scientifically proven to deliver key ingredients to the skin for deeper penetration by 50%. Another benefit: they absorb more of the active serum than a paper sheet mask.

Super Serum

While the delivery system of any skin rejuvenator is vital in order to transport the active ingredients into the layers of the skin, the combination of those ingredients is what really inspires results.




Our new Charcoal Foaming Mask is an innovative cellulose sheet mask infused with a skin-refining serum to make a real difference to both the look and feel of your skin. Consider it your latest multi-tasking marvel:

  • Activated Charcoal and anti-pollution agents have a deep cleansing, detoxifying, and oxygenating effect and work in harmony to clarify the skin
  • The exfoliating powers of fruit-derived AHAs and Glycolic Acid refine and soften texture and tone and restore your natural radiance
  • Aloe Vera calms and soothes while providing the necessary hydration that all skin types require
  • Unlike some other masks, cellulose sheet masks are mess free and entirely compostable




A Truly Smooth Operator

In early testing*, our new Charcoal Foaming Mask more than delivered. Every member of our trial panel found their skin to be clean, clear, and free of pollution:

94% of users found their pores to be unclogged after one use

95% of users felt their skin was detoxified

89% of users found their skin to be smoother and more beautiful


Sold out

*SURVEY RESPONDENTS PROFILES: Sex: Female, Average age: 31 years old, Type: Caucasian skin (phototype I to IV), Place of life: Polluted urban location, Lifestyle: 50% are smokers, 18 survey respondents: each of them represents 6%, Results taken after 1 single application.

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