How To Protect Your Natural Skin Barrier

How To Protect Your Natural Skin Barrier

The skin barrier function: located in the outer layer of our complexion, it plays a crucial role in keeping our skin healthy and radiant. But, what happens when the barrier function goes down?

Cue dry, sensitised, lacklustre and damaged skin... or in other words a compromised skin barrier.

With the cool weather still looming, and our complexions feeling every bit of those sub-zero chills, it leaves us reaching for products that are formulated to balance, soothe, and protect, with promises of a healthy skin barrier. And, 10 points extra if they manage to subside that winter redness.


A range formulated to support, hydrate and soothe delicate, irritated, and flaky skin. Today, we map out the powerhouse ingredients and products that will become your skin barrier’s best friend.


Blended with a concentration of Prebiotics to balance the skin, whilst maintaining a natural defensive barrier thanks to Probioskin and Pro-Tolerance Complex, working to alleviate uneven skin tone and redness, whilst treating rosacea, couperose and sensitivity.

We recommend: Sensibeautics Daily Resistance Cream, a long-lasting dream cream that soothes and balances the complexion from the first application. Enriched with pre- and pro-biotics it gives you the ability to balance the skin’s natural pH.


Essential Fatty Acids, natural Vitamin E and Omega 3 & 6, provide your daily defence against inflamed skin and damage from environmental stressors, whilst boosting a healthy skin barrier.

We recommend: Sensibeautics Rescue Cream, luxurious in texture, this enriching cream offers an instant calming effect, whilst rebuilding and reducing redness and alleviating future discoloration in the skin.


Enriched with Vitamins C & E, along with essential amino acids that work to hydrate, smooth, and soothe the skins redness; working in perfect synergy to regulate moisture balance in the different layers of the epidermis.

We recommend: The soothing Sensibeautics Intensive Recovery Serum, combining Vitamins C & E, alongside pre and probiotics to increase skins tolerance to daily aggressors, decrease redness and repair skin's barrier.

The best bit?

To celebrate the formulation that protects the skins natural barrier we have created the ultimate ‘Sensitive Skin Starter Kit’, a limited-edition starter kit designed for those skins experiencing seasonal sensitivities.

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