Unlocking Radiance: The Magic of Glow Serum Drops

In the world of skincare, finding that one formulation that can do it all is almost unheard of. Imagine, one overachieving product that hydrates but also illuminates, primes but also revitalises. Well, look no further as we have launched an all-new innovation, introducing you to, Glow Serum Drops.

Passionate about A-Beauty skincare, we have long been captivated by the idea of beauty products that are formulated right here in Australia, and this gem delivers on all fronts, designed to hydrate, and illuminate with just one drop – it will give your complexion next level radiance, whilst also hydrating, smoothing, and protecting.

Versatility at Its best

What takes a product to the next level? Versatility. And the Glow Serum Drops delivers on all fronts; not just a serum, it doubles as a primer, a highlighter for added radiance, and a long-lasting hydration booster. And, with just 1-2 drops in your morning skincare routine you will boast the ability to elevate your morning face with a complexion that is radiant, illuminated, and smoothed.

But, what truly sets Glow Serum Drops apart is its serum-emulsion technology, enriched with potent antioxidants, this formula combines the best of both worlds, marrying the benefits of a beauty product with the nourishing properties of an oil and the deep-penetrating qualities of a serum.

One Product, Three Key Results

  • Kakadu Plum, a high potency ingredient that is packed with Vitamin C, effectively combatting dark spots, it boosts skin immunity whilst also enhancing the texture of dull looking skin.

  • Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Algae’s, for deep hydration that lasts up to 72 hours, it ensures the complexion is moisturised and radiant.

  • Peptide Complexes and White Lupin Seeds, these ingredients work together to support your skin’s natural aging process, diminishing wrinkles, enhancing skin texture and luminosity, whilst boosting collagen production.

Your Glow Up on The Go

  • Natural Glow, pair it back with 1-2 drops patted onto the complexion as your final step in your skincare routine.

  • Makeup Magic, when applying your makeup, use Glow Serum Drops as a primer before your foundation to achieve that coveted dewy base. You can dab 1 drop on as an illuminator to highlight the high points of your face.

  • Glow Everywhere, after applying your makeup, take 1-2 and apply all over your face for that irresistible, glow from within look.

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