Why Hyaluronic Acid Is My Skincare Superhero

Why Hyaluronic Acid Is My Skincare Superhero

Smooth, hydrated skin are the top things on my complexion wish list, and I will purchase just about anything that tells me it will do just that.

But when it comes to results, there is one ingredient that stands out amongst the rest – Hyaluronic Acid – a natural occurring carbohydrate found in all body tissues, but more specifically the dermis, it has the unique ability to absorb huge quantities of water, plays a critical role in wound healing, and is one of the main substances that helps collagen form and repair skin.

In short, it is a naturally occurring substance that is already found in your body, but when applied topically it leaves skin smoothed, plumpedand hydrated, bingo!


When doing a deep dive into the skin changing constituent, studies published in the International Journal of Toxicology stated, one gram of Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to six litres of water, and, is designed at a specific molecular weight that is so lightweight in texture that is has the ability to absorb into the deepest layers of the skin, in turn offering a cushion like effect on the complexion whilst plumping and smoothing from the inside – out.


“The best way to incorporate Hyaluronic Acid into your skincare routine is with a serum, then sealing it in with a nourishing moisturiser” says Gina Cook, Ella BachéNational Training Manager.


Gina explains “Hyaluronic Acid, draws water into the outermost layer of your face, and if you don’t lock that hydrating goodness in, it will dissolve, leading to dehydration in replace of the smoothed and plumped skin we are working towards.”


Look no further, with products boasting Hyaluronic in its purest form Ella Baché has gone on to launch a new skin booster that contains HA with multiple molecular weights, in layman’s terms; they have created a Hyaluronic Acid Treatment Booster that addresses hydration, skin smoothness and plumpness at every layer of the epidermis – allowing for the product to delve deeper into the skin, leaving you with noticeable results in 7 days.


Ella Baché Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment Booster

A NEW and innovative product, this ground-breaking treatment serum contains five molecular weights of HA for longer term effects, whilst also including a cocktail of antioxidants that intensely plump, and visibly fill fine lines.


Boasting the ability to smooth skin and boost hydration I thought it only appropriate that I take the challenge, so as a skincare fanatic that has tried many HA based lotions and potions, here’s my honest review.

“When they say ultra-lightweight, they weren’t kidding – after applying to the skin I am instantly met with a cooling and soothing life effect, with minimal to no fragrance my skin is drenched in moisture, I then layer with Ella BachéHydraHyaluronic Cellular Serum to increase active absorption, and seal the deal with Ella BachéHydra Velvety Soft Cream.

I repeat this process morning and night, for 7 days straight.

The result? My skin without doubt is hydrated, smoothed, and plumped – it also provided a beautiful base for my make-up to be applied with many comments on how glowy my complexion appeared.

Overall, it’s a great product, not to be used as a stand-alone, yet one that can boost your routine and take your skin tone and texture to the next level.

After the 7 day intensive, I am told to use 2-3 times per week with my recommended skin solution serum to maintain optimal hydration.

So, does it deliver on all fronts? You bet.

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