Winter Skin Myths

Winter Skin Myths

There are many winter skin myths that surface yearly, and with a face that currently feels drier than the Sahara Desert we will believe just about anything that promises to alleviate those winter skincare woes.

She’s subzero, the winds are cruel, and the heaters are so hot that you can barely stand in front of them. Its not a good time, and what cops it the most… is our skin, it is sucked dry, a flaking mess which leaves us searching for heavy moisturisers, overnight masks and just about any winter skincare product that has oil in it.

So, in the name of a glowing complexion, we have debunked #3 myths that you need to stop believing, starting now.

Myth #1 You don’t need to wear sunscreen in the winter.

Of all the myths we have heard, this one hurts the most – UV does not discriminate, any season, any weather, any person it will find you. So even on those dreary days, layer it on – future you will be thankful as it literally is your first step against premature ageing.

Myth #2 Steamy showers will keep your skin hydrated.

In all honestly, we are not sure where this one came from, so let’s keep it short. In winter, there is quite literally nothing better than jumping in a hot shower after a day of cold air on the face, but the surface damage it can cause to your skin is no good. Not only is scalding hot water extremely drying on the skin, but it is also known to flare up existing skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, so whilst a lukewarm shower is ideal we understand throughout winter that sounds like some kind of sick joke – instead we recommend opting for an oil based body cleanser that will provide a protective veil over the skin whilst you warm up, one we at HQ are obsessing over is Floral Oil Face and Body Cleansing Oil.

Myth #3 A thick moisturiser will give the skin more hydration.

Myth! We chatted with our National Training Manager Gina Cook and she said quite the opposite -“Whilst there is always a place for ultra-nourishing day and night creams, they need to be prescribed by your skin therapist appropriately. Reaching for a thick moisture protective for some can overload the skin, in turn slowing down the natural renewal process and trapping dead skin cells.

Gina explained that if you really want results, opt for a hydrating booster serum that is lightweight, yet will absorb into the deepest layers of the skin. Then seal it in with your usual moisturiser.

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