Winter Skin Savers

Winter Skin Savers

It’s a seasonal disorder for the beauty lover and combating the cold dry air is enough to send our skin on a downward slope. As we dutifully shift our wardrobes from summer dresses to chunky knits we also need to pay close attention to the detail of our skin, re-creating a beauty regime that is of course, seasonally appropriate. Switching your skincare to suit the season is always encouraged and we have the ultimate guide to winter skin savers, ensuring your complexion is smooth all year round.

The Cleanse

While the skin is particularly vulnerable in the cooler months the effects of dry indoor heating and cold winds can take a toll on your complexion. Cleansing needs to be a gentle yet thorough affair, leave your foaming cleansers behind for the time being and opt for a milky formula. Ella Baché Creamy Rich Cleansing Milk instantly comforts dehydrated skin all the while preserving the skins natural moisture barrier.

Did you know? Madame Baché quoted "One of my first and best cleansers, it nourishes, protects and cleanses at the same time"

The Serum

While serums are necessary all year round, your skin will reap the benefits in the cooler months. Huile Intex boosts the skins hydration while mositurising and softening. Apply at night as an enriched night oil or mix with your moisturiser during the day for particularly parched skin.

The Moisturiser

Never miss a day, mositurising is imperative in your everyday beauty routine no matter the season. Look for a moisturiser that provides protection and contains ingredients that boost collagen and brightens, leaving the skin feeling nourished and protected.

The Eye Cream

When the temperature drops the eye area is increasingly susceptible to dehydration. Being the most delicate of skins, it’s important to ensure this area is hydrated– eye creams can be worn morning and night and anywhere in between.  Ella Baché eternal restructuring eye cream is light and easily absorbed, packed with collagen boosters and antioxidants leaving your eye instantly firm and bright.

The Mask

Enriching your face with Ella Baché Bio-Cellulose mask for 15 minutes a week is enough to leave the most lacklustre of skins bright. A mask that is naturally rich in Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid will optimise hydration levels plump the skin and leave you glowing.

A combination of in salon treatments and a seasonal skincare routine will see your skin glowing in every season, head into your nearest David Jones counter or Ella Baché store and check your skins hydration levels!

*Image credit Georgia Fowler


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