New Year Skin Resolutions

New Year Skin Resolutions

You and your skin have weathered a lot lately: the end-of-year scramble to the finish line, Christmas and New Year celebrations, excessive UV exposure and changes in season can disrupt the pH levels in the skin. If there’s ever a time to press the restart button, it’s now.

When the pH of the skin is disrupted, the acid mantle (protective barrier on the skin) is impaired resulting in an inability to protect itself from chemicals, ingredients and every day aggressors. Weakness or damage can allow irritants, such as alcohol rich sunscreens which dehydrate the skin, to penetrate deeper and cause reaction. The skin can appear irritated and prone to inflammation.

Our Find My Balance Facial Treatment restores the pH balance of the skin in 7 steps:

  1. Skin Diagnosis
  2. First Cleanse
  3. Second Cleanse
  4. Massage
  5. Mask
  6. Moisture Protective
  7. Sun Protection

Each step is tailored to suit your skin’s needs, using products from our tried and tested Classics range which have been designed to improve moisture retention as well as calm and soothe the skin. It's enriched with nourishing and balancing ingredients including Lanolin, Skin Essential Vitamins A, C & E and Botanical Extracts (including Tomato, Jojoba, Grape Seed).

To help rebalance, prepare and protect your skin this season, book in your Find My Balance Facial Treatment.

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