Your Summer Sun Plan

Your Summer Sun Plan

We all know that we need to make sun protection a part of our every day to protect our skin from the risk of skin cancer and the prematurely ageing effects of UV exposure. But for the Summer season we need to be even more dedicated.

Here, four important things to consider:

1. Australian sunscreens are superior.

In many countries, sunscreens are simply classified as cosmetics which means their SPF claims don’t have to be tested, nor do their SPF claims have to be approved. Yet here in Australia, they’re considered medicines and must pass rigorous mandatory testing in order just to make it onto the shelf. Sunscreens sold in Australia have had their sun-protection powers and claims proven and approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). So if the tube says SPF50+ (the highest protection you can be approved for here) then you can trust that you and your skin will receive true SPF50+ protection and nothing less This is not necessarily so if you buy your sunscreen from the hotel gift shop in Thailand or a French pharmacy.

Ella Baché sunscreens are made and extensively tested in Australia – on people, not animals. They’re also extremely skin-friendly and are free of potentially irritating ingredients like parabens, mineral oil, and alcohol.

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2. SPF15 moisturisers are not true sunscreens.

While a daily moisturiser with SPF15 or less does protect the skin to some degree, it’s considered a secondary sunscreen so it doesn’t need to go through the same rigorous TGA testing that a primary sunscreen does in order to prove its protective powers. And because it’s unproven, it may in fact offer less than the SPF15 protection it says on the tube.

For guaranteed protection against the ageing effects of UV exposure, look for a dedicated facial sunscreen with the maximum SPF and broad-spectrum protection against UVA/B rays.

3. Sunscreens have an expiry date.

…which means it’s time to take a close look at anything you took away with you on that trip to Bali in 2016. The TGA requires sunscreens to have an expiry date printed on the tube, along with storage instructions which is just as important for you to consider. If you don’t store a sunscreen correctly (eg. you leave it in the car where it will overheat) then its protective powers can be compromised, along with its SPF.

4. We have the toughest UV conditions on the planet!

UV radiation levels are on the increase and we (still) have one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world in Australia — two to three times that of Canada, the US, and the UK. Not only does UV exposure make us susceptible to skin cancer but it’s the cause of 80% of premature ageing.

You deserve effective, daily protection that you and your skin like wearing.

Try our TGA-approved NEW Suncover Great SPF50+ Foundation which boasts maximum, broad-spectrum protection, hydrating ingredients, flattering light-diffusing particles, and buildable foundation coverage to perfect your skin tone.

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