2023 is the time to turn your dreams into a bright new future

2023 is the time to turn your dreams into a bright new future

Do you dream of turning your passion for skincare into your bright new salon?

This year, we go beyond our comfort zones, beyond the day to day – and we encourage you to come and join this rapidly growing industry. The Beauty industry is booming in Australia with year on year growth, it’s the perfect time to come and be part of this amazing industry.

“My passion is to work closely with every individual who is ready to step into their own entrepreneurial journey through salon ownership.By joining this amazing iconic brand and tribe of people, who are passionate about helping Australians feel confident in their own skin.With 2023 here, I am ready to step up and look to a bright future, are you?”

-Pippa Hallas, CEO Ella Baché

If you have dreamt of owning your own business in 2023, we welcome you to join Australia’s leading salon network with over 120 salons nationally. Ella Baché is one of the most iconic Australian brands, the first skincare company to franchise, with a leading premier college and innovative products and treatments many manufactured in our Australian owned facility.Our knowledge for the skin, beauty and proven franchise model will help you turn your passion into a successful business.

Owning your own salon but not on your own…

When partnering with Ella Baché you will be welcomed into an established network of successful salon owners and receiving ongoing support in marketing, training, skin and beauty college, business management support, salon design and much more.

So, no matter what path you decide to choose we are here every step of the way making sure you achieve your dream of owning your own salon, with expertly trained Business Managers, a dedicated Training and Education team, Marketing professionals and a royalty free model, giving you a strong start and all the support you need to thrive in the industry.

Are you ready to turn your passion into a flourishing business?
Then it’s time you stand out and get ready for your bright new future – join us to help every individual to learn what their skin loves and feel confidence in their own skin.

Meet one of our leading Salon Owners – Natalie, owner of Ella Baché Dalby and winner of the 2022 Gold Ella Award.

What does owning Ella Baché Dalby mean to you?

Basically, I bought myself the best job in the world. It’s being apart of something that is so much more than just a business. Not only is the team and clients a second family but the brand is as well. Like a family, we share moments of joy, laughter, support, and encouragement. It’s like being a custodian of the salon, that is years of therapist’s dedication and hard work and the legacy of a woman, Ella Baché, who’s knowledge of the skin and skincare still lives through our proven amazing products.  

For more information visit https://www.ellabache.com.au/pages/franchise

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